Pokemon Go's Halloween Part II will feature a Team Go Rocket Takeover and Shadow Lugia

Pokemon Go's Halloween Part II will feature a Team Go Rocket Takeover and Shadow Lugia

We’re just a day away from the beginning of the first half of Halloween celebrations in Pokémon Go. Part I will take place between October 19th and 26th, bringing loads of spooky activities, festive décor, ghost-type Pokémon and the return of the iconic Lavender Town music. While we wait for that to kick off, Niantic has already revealed what the next phase will feature.

Pokémon Go’s Halloween 2023 Part II will go live on October 26th and will remain available for the rest of the month. A lot of stuff from the first part will carry forward to this one, alongside new additions such as the debuts of Pikachu and Gengar wearing Tricks & Treats costumes. Themed Pokémon from all the previous years will also show up.

More Halloween Field Research task encounters will be available, allowing players to get their hands on Mismagius, Galarian Yamask, and Phantump. Trainers will further be able to get an extremely immersive experience thanks to the new Party Play feature, which allows for shared gameplay between friends who can complete challenges together.

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Another big event going live at the same time is the Team Go Rocket Takeover. Giovanni has begun executing his latest evil plot, this time with poor Regigigas caught in the mix. He’s been turned into a Shadow variant and players must use a Super Rocket Radar to chase down Giovanni and rescue the Pokémon in the process.

That’s not all because Shadow Raids are receiving a new debutant as well. Shadow Lugia will be featured for the first time in five-star Shadow Raids taking place between October 28th and 29th. Other Pokémon like Ghastly, Rhyhorn, Litwick, Cranidos and more will appear alongside Team Go Rocket Grunts. You can find more detailed information in this dedicated blog post.

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