Pokemon Go's Hisuian Discoveries event just got more bonuses thanks to the Ultra Unlocks

Pokemon Go's Hisuian Discoveries event just got more bonuses thanks to the Ultra Unlocks

Pokemon Go's next event, Hisuian Discoveries, launches on July 27th. It takes players back in time and many new Pokémon from the past will be making their debuts. Loads of challenges will also be available, giving players multiple rewards. You can read more about it in our recent article.

In other related news, Pokémon Go Fest’s second in-person event also wrapped up yesterday in Seattle and I’m sure the attendees had a rollicking time. If you remember, Niantic had also stated that the Seattle event will feature a special Global Challenge that would lead to Ultra Unlocks being available for the Hisuian Discoveries event, if completed. Just like the last time, the challenge was knocked out of the park and now everyone can enjoy a tonne of extra bonuses.

Throughout the Hisuian Discoveries event on Pokémon Go, Friendship levels will increase at a much faster rate by opening gifts, trading Pokémon, and battling in raids, gyms, or against other trainers. Everyone will also be able to open up to 45 gifts a day, 30 of which can be stored and they can send 150 gifts to others every day. Unown S and Pampour too will traverse the wilds more frequently, with their shiny variants waiting for lucky players.

A special Hisuian Discoveries Raid Day will also be held on July 31st as part of the Ultra Unlock bonus. Here, players will be able to get their hands on the debuting Hisuian Braviary by participating in raids. There are a bunch of bonuses here as well as players can expect to earn 50% additional XP for winning battles, five free raid passes from spinning Gym Photo Discs, and a greater chance of receiving Rare Candy XL from in-person battles.

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