Pokemon Go's August content update is full of events including the highly awaited Pokemon Go Fest 2023

Pokemon Go's August content update is full of events including the highly awaited Pokemon Go Fest 2023

August has almost begun and that means we’re in the final stretch of Pokémon Go’s Season 11: Hidden Gems. The twelfth one will release on September 1st so trainers have another month to enjoy the festivities the current season has to offer. Special Research and Research Breakthrough events will not be available after August, so it’s best to wrap them up as soon as possible.

August Raids

Going into August, a few Pokémon being featured in raids will be carried over. Five-star raids and mega raids will continue to feature Regidrago and Mega Tyranitar until August 4th. They will then be followed by Cresseilia and Mega Gyarados, and finally Xerneas, Yveltal, and Mega Salamence who will be available in the second half of the month.

Spotlight Hours

Spotlight hours are held every Tuesday in Pokémon Go between 6:00 and 7:00 pm local time. This month’s spotlight Pokémon and bonuses are:

  • August 1st – Vulpix with 2x Evolve XP
  • August 8th – Paras with 2x Catch Stardust
  • August 15th – Stufful with 2x Catch XP
  • August 22nd – Venonat with 2x Catch Candy
  • August 29th – Tentacool with 2x Transfer Candy


Niantic is set to host a tonne of Pokémon Go events in August, ensuring that the Hidden Gems season goes out with a bang.

Before you go on, check out these redeemable Pokémon Go codes!

  • Pokémon Go Fest Osaka and London (4th-6th) – In-person events for the most highly anticipated celebration of the year
  • Glittering Garden (5th-8th) – This event gives players a chance to catch exclusive Pokémon Go Fest Pokémon regardless of where they are
  • 2023 Pokémon World Championships (11th-15th) – The extremely coveted tournament will return for another thrilling addition in a couple of weeks
  • Community Day (13th) – The usual monthly event featuring Froakie
  • Pokémon Go Fest New York (18th-20th) – American leg of the fest, taking place later in August
  • Noxious Swamp – Another mystery event we’ll learn about soon
  • Pokémon Go Fest Global (26th-27th) – A worldwide grand finale to conclude this year’s festival

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