Infinite Lagrange reveals what Strategic Assets are ahead of Lagrange Registration's launch

Infinite Lagrange reveals what Strategic Assets are ahead of Lagrange Registration's launch

As we draw closer to the release of Infinite Lagrange’s massive Lagrange Registration update, NetEase has revealed more of what players can expect. A brand new feature called Strategic Assets is coming to the grand sci-fi sim and we finally have some details about it.

Strategic Assets in Infinite Lagrange comprise various artifacts and items that have intrinsic value. They can be expanded into four categories, namely Technical Blueprints, Tactical Items, Equipment, and Collectibles. In addition, there are also some Legacy items, the rarest and most valuable of all, which can be obtained only after identifying them in the Lagrange Legacy Catalogue.

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Players will find Strategic Assets while exploring galaxies on their journey. After examining it, players must take the item to an Asset Appraisal Institute, where it will be studied in further depth so that players can max out its potential. Legacy assets will further have an entry added to the booklet, with more history being revealed as well.

Each Strategic Asset has unique uses and significantly enhances the abilities of fleets. Tech blueprints are required to make new equipment and tactical items, the former can be installed on the base to earn additional bonuses while the latter applies various buffs on the squadron. Just like the plethora of other features part of this update, Strategic Assets add a whole new level for gameplay to experience.

Discussing the new mechanic, Matt Liu, NetEase Games Global Publishing & Marketing Vice General Manager, said: “The introduction of Strategic Assets to Infinite Lagrange significantly deepens the strategic landscape of the game. With Strategic Assets, Explorers can unlock new technologies and devise innovative tactics that adapt to the evolving challenges in the universe. Our goal has always been to create a dynamic and intricate gaming experience, and these Strategic Assets are a testament to that commitment.”

Infinite Lagrange’s Lagrange Registration update releases on August 4th. Download the game now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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