Pokemon Go unveils Season 11: Hidden Gems which brings debutants like Sandygast and Palossand

Pokemon Go unveils Season 11: Hidden Gems which brings debutants like Sandygast and Palossand
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We’re now just a couple of days away from the conclusion of Pokémon Go’s tenth season, Rising Heroes, which introduced a number of new Pokémon and hosted multiple events for trainers to participate in. Now, as the summers set in, players can enjoy the upcoming Hidden Gems season, which goes live on June 1st.

Season 11: Hidden Gems in Pokémon Go will run for another three months as usual, bringing a lot of new content to the fray. To kick things off, Sandygast and Palossand, the Sand Heap and Sand Castle Pokémon from the Alola region will be making their debuts during the Water Festival: Beach Week. Combining both Ground and Ghost-type characters, the two of them have a habit of possessing and cursing people, so watch out!

Another perfect addition to the Hidden Gems season is Carbink, the Jewel Pokémon. We’re unsure when and where it will appear, but what’s the point if everything was revealed in the beginning anyway? Also, these just happen to be the big three names of the season, expect a lot of other debutants over the next few months.

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As we’ve seen with previous seasons, there are a few bonuses that will run throughout the duration of Hidden Gems. Players will be able to make one extra Special Trade every day, and an additional Candy will be granted on trading, with a Candy XL for those above level 31. On top of that, damage dealt by Pokémon in remote raids is being permanently increased to match its in-person counterpart.

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Speaking of raids, Pokémon Go added another category with the introduction of Shadow Raids. Trainers will be able to participate in them, beginning June 5th, with Shadow Articuno in the inaugural five-star raid which will be available on weekends only.

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