Marvel Snap's May 2024 update takes us across the multiverse with new cards

A Blink in Time starts now!

Marvel Snap's May 2024 update takes us across the multiverse with new cards
  • Marvel Snap's May 2024 update is here with plenty for players to enjoy
  • Famous face Blink is accompanied by a new roster featuring Nocturne, Sage and more
  • Top comics artists Rian Gonzales and Dan Hipp will also be featured in albums in-game

It's mutant mania in the latest season of top card-battler Marvel Snap! The May 2024 season, A Blink in Time, brings some major faces from the X-men to Marvel Snap alongside new card art bundles. The new cards are set to drop from now until May 28th, and spotlight caches featuring these characters and other famous faces from the Marvel universe will be available to boot.

The main face of this update is Blink, a mutant with the ability to teleport using a pink energy construct, who is perhaps best known for appearing in the team of alternate-reality versions of characters called the Exiles. It's not just her jumping into the fray either, as the daughter of the Scarlet Witch and Nightcrawler, Nocturne, also joins. After that, we've got super-smart mutant savant Sage and undersea royalty Namora, rounded out by the vicious man-eater Wendigo.

A blink in time saves nine
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Naturally, there are also two new locations with Panoptichron (cards that didn't start in your deck get +2 power) and Cancun (power played here doesn't count towards winning the game). But the big news for fans of art is that we're getting art albums from top comic artists Rian Gonzales and Dan Hipp to add to the already stacked season of content coming to Marvel Snap.

The season starts as of today and will run through the end of May, keep an eye out for the Rian Gonzales shop takeover coming May 15th and 16th as well as exclusive Twitch drops for those watching their favourite streamers!

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