Play Together's latest update introduces giant fishing at the Resort

Play Together's latest update introduces giant fishing at the Resort

Haegin has just announced a bubbly new update for its casual mobile social network game, Play Together, as more sea-themed content joins the fray. Think of it as an expansion of the Resort and players will be able to catch Gigantic Fish and own adorable Sea Pets.

Last month, Play Together released The Resort update, which introduced a sprawling new hotel to the game. With the summer season closing in, it’s the perfect destination to go with friends to relax on the beach. The location brought with it a plethora of things to do, which can you learn more about by reading our recent article.

The new update focuses on expanding the Resort’s offerings by improving the boat fishing content. 12 new species have been added over and above the pre-existing fishes, and these are a few biggies including Humpback Whales, Bowhead Whales, and the fearsome Megalodons.

A mysterious NPC, whose name shows up as ??? must be approached first in order to catch these Gigantic Fish. In addition, a more powerful fishing rod is required for the job, which can be purchased from the NPC Fisker or crafted at the Kaia Workshop.

Once all this is done, it’s time to hop into a boat and go fishing! Then what? Well, after these Gigantic Fish have been caught, players can either sell them or show them off by storing them in massive fish tanks. The latter also serves as a cool method of competing with friends.

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There’s also a third option of sending these fish to the newly built Aquarium, which itself can be customized by players. Then, it’ll be made available for everyone to see. Of course, it also means that the fish can never be taken out once placed inside.

Finally, players can also add adorable Sea Pets such as Starfish, Jellyfish, Whales, Narwhals, and Harp Seals to make their sea-faring experience more fun.

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