Play Together’s latest update covers Kaia Islands in snow and adds new content

Play Together’s latest update covers Kaia Islands in snow and adds new content
| Play Together

It is snowing in Play Together! Haegin has just released the new Christmas season update for the popular casual social network multiplayer game Play Together. It is embracing the holiday spirit and adding new Christmas themed items and house management systems alongside other new content and convenience improvements.

Kaia Island has a brand new look as it is now covered in a blanket of snow. Players can enjoy the joyous winter atmosphere in Play Together as the Plaza has been completely revamped with Christmas themed items. Bring all your friends and enjoy the scenery of the snowy Kaia Island.

Players will also find a special NPC hiding somewhere on the island. He is giving out quests that everyone will enjoy completing. You and your friends can also engage in snowball fights at the Plaza and Camping Ground. Everyone can also celebrate the joyous occasion of Christmas with fireworks! Go to the beach and find the NPC who is selling new firework items. Light them up and enjoy their beauty in the night sky.

Haegin has also acted on player feedback. The winter update will add new convenience features like the Blueprint System, which allows you to save all your interior designs and then apply them wherever you want with the click of a button. No more creating the same design from scratch again. The new Smart Home System adds an extended layer of security and accessibility to your house. It allows the management of all lights and sounds in the house, adds entrance restrictions, and provides notices to guests. Your home in Play Together will truly become a smart home with his feature. Lastly, items can now be favourited to find them easily.

Haegin is also giving out special Christmas Coupons to celebrate the merry occasion until December 24th. These coupons will grant special costumes and can be found on all the official communities for Play Together. Enjoy the snowy Kaia Islands by downloading Play Together for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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