Casual Social Network game Play Together adds new NPC "Cutiepie"

Casual Social Network game Play Together adds new NPC "Cutiepie"
  • The influencer-themed update includes a new character, cosmetics and more
  • New quests and cosmetics will let players live the dream of being an influencer
  • The update also adds a whole host of fishing-related items and quests too

Developer Haegin's social network game Play Together is set to add a new NPC, Cutiepie, a new Resort House area, cosmetics and more. And if that's not enough, there's also a new dance emote, name-tag Yes, fishing.

All this, and more, is being added to the in-game world of Kaia Island for players to enjoy. Play Together has previously featured events as varied as slime-hunting (think the slimes from Dragon Quest) and an outbreak of a zombie virus. So all things considered, an influencer-themed update is probably one of the least strange for this game.

What else is new?

The new NPC Cutiepie, with a conspicuously similar name to another well-known influencer with their name featuring the word "-pie", will feature a number of influencer-themed questlines for players. This includes "learning the secrets to a delightful home party", discovering recipes for mukbang streams and dance challenges. Each of these PlayCon Quests will contribute towards increasing your character's subscribers and eventually making them an influencer too.

Additionally, the "Resort House" will add a whole new tropical-beach-themed area to the game. You'll be able to access a 3-tier swimming pool in the house itself where unique species of fish can be caught. It seems Play Together is going all in on fishing, as another new addition is the "Fishing Derby Reception Booth" which allows you to host your own fishing derby within the comfort of your own home and set various parameters for which fish to catch, size and more. 

We put Play Together at #7 on our list of games like the other famous social hub Second-Life, so check out the list to see what else made the cut! And if the idea of networking with other players doesn't tickle your fancy, but fishing sure does, check out our top 12 list of the best fishing games for Android!

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Iwan Morris
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