Play Together makes major updates to minigames and adds three new ones

Play Together makes major updates to minigames and adds three new ones
  • Play Together's latest update features new improvements to matchmaking for minigames
  • It also adds three new minigames,, Watch Your Step and Proceed with Caution
  • Play Together is a casual, mobile-first social network game

Play Together, the casual mobile social network game, will see major changes to their minigames in the latest update, Play Game. These form a key part of the Play Together experience, akin to other interactive social networks like Rec Room. The changes include improvements to matchmaking, pairing you with those that have similar playtimes, game passes and badges to show off your accomplishments to others.

The update also debuts three new minigames. challenges players to battle it out against one another in a shooter-esque duel. Meanwhile, Watch Your Step and Proceed with Caution are easier, more casual experiences that you can quickly pick up and play. Finally, you'll have the addition of Game Master missions that let you unlock exclusive cosmetics and other rewards.

Fun with friends

These changes in Play Together aren't surprising. As we noted above, Rec Room - another entry in the genre - also heavily features minigames and has made a huge success out of them. So having good matchmaking and a variety of games, as well as integration so that you feel these are worth playing and not just a fun bonus is a natural fit. We're curious as to how game passes will work though, and whether or not these minigames are going to prove substantial enough to be worth it.

If you want to get into social gaming you can also check out some of our coverage of others like Play Together. Rec Room's partnership with Puma, for example, features exclusive fashion items for you to wear. Or you can take a look at our coverage of the previous updates to Play Together and their 'Cutiepie' update. But if you're simply spoilt for choice play-wise you can always take a look at our latest definitive list of the 5 best mobile games to try this week, freshly updated for the 7th of March!

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Iwan Morris
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