Diablo Immortal's newest class, the Tempest, gets a cinematic trailer and fresh details

Find out what's in store when the Tempest arrives on May 23rd

Diablo Immortal's newest class, the Tempest, gets a cinematic trailer and fresh details
  • Diablo Immortal's eighth class is the appropriately named, nautically-themed Tempest
  • Fight with dual weapons and high damage attacks
  • Check out the cinematic trailer as we break down some juicy new details

Diablo Immortal's newest class, the Tempest, is set to arrive on May 23rd. To mark it, Blizzard has unleashed a brand new cinematic trailer to show off this dual-wielding swashbuckler. The Tempest will be the eighth class to join the hit and controversial, game's roster. With a nautical flavour, you can check out the cinematic trailer down below to see what sort of vibe the Tempest brings!

And while we're not privy to an entire breakdown of the Tempest's abilities, we can see some sneak previews in the gameplay portion of the cinematic trailer. Riding a wave seems to be a new movement option while a massive circular attack does massive splash damage (pun intended.) The Tempest looks focused on the very particular nautical, swashbuckler vibes of its piratical inspiration.

So, we can probably expect a character based on fast-paced combat and high damage, but potentially a bit of a glass cannon. Let's wait and see when the Tempest drops on May 23rd.

Thar' be treasure
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The only thing fans might find a bit disappointing with the Tempest is the design. It owes a little bit more to sneaky-stabby rogues than it does to Errol Flynn, and is a bit less iconic of a design than those such as the Barbarian or Cleric. Still, we can't deny they look fun to play, and great fun for those who want to live out their dual-wielding fantasy of hack 'n slash action on the high seas.

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