Pilgrims is a quirky, European folk-tale inspired puzzle game coming to App Store and Google Play

The game was formerly an Apple Arcade exclusive

Pilgrims is a quirky, European folk-tale inspired puzzle game coming to App Store and Google Play
| Pilgrims
  • Pilgrims, a former Apple Arcade exclusive, is coming to iOS and Android
  • Developed by Amanita Designs it's a short adventure game set in a quirky fantasy world
  • Encouraging you to experiment with its puzzle design, Pilgrim is coming April 17th

Amanita Design's Pilgrims, formerly an Apple Arcade exclusive, is now making the jump to Apple's AppStore and Android's Google Play proper. Set in a world inspired by classic European folk tales, Pilgrims offers a compact adventure experience and quirky puzzles. The game will be available from April 17th nearly five years after its debut on Apple Arcade, after the game was removed in March.

In Pilgrims you play as four separate characters; Tramp, Granny, Bandit and Devil. The puzzle gameplay comes in the form of the use of cards representing different objects, which you need to experiment with as you travel through the world to find the right path to progress. Boasting some lovely hand-drawn art and a light-hearted, quirky atmosphere it was designed from the ground-up to be played on phones.

Another bite out of the Apple
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It's great to see a game like Pilgrims finally make the jump from formerly being exclusive to Apple Arcade to instead be available on iOS and Android proper, letting a whole new audience experience it. It also joins games like Slash Quest in being a former Apple Arcade headliner sadly dropped from the service after a few years. As we considered when we mulled over the new Sonic Dream Team updates (and layoffs happening at the same time) it's curious to wonder whether or not Apple Arcade is doing right by many of the games built for the service.

Which isn't to say that Apple Arcade is a bad deal, far from it. In-fact you only have to look as far as our definitive list of all the games currently on Apple Arcade to see some fantastic titles built exclusively for the service. But it is a shame to know that they're not really assured in how long they can stay on the service.

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