Dofus Touch gets new expansion for lvl100+ players

The new expansion adds the Frigost Island

Dofus Touch gets new expansion for lvl100+ players
  • Mobile MMORPG Dofus is getting a new update that adds the Frigost Island
  • Offering six new areas, new quests and more, it's a hefty update
  • Players that have already passed the lvl. 100 requirement can get exploring right away!

Popular French mobile MMORPG Dofus Touch is getting a new update that opens the gates of the Frigost Island. Set to drop...well, today, this land is ruled by the chilliest of Xelors, Count Harebourg, six new areas with their own quests and dungeons to explore. You'll need to have reached lvl. 100 to explore this area, but players that have achieved that milestone can visit NPC Captain Ardier to get started.

Animation fans will probably recognise Dofus as the predecessor to prequel/spin-off Wakfu, which got turned into a highly-regarded cartoon series, as well as receiving its own spin-off media in the process. Dofus is set in a bizarre but intriguing fantasy world populated with all manner of inhuman races and creatures, offering a blend of turn-based and real-time battles for you to test your mettle in.

New additions and enduring popularity A picture of a girl walking through a snowbound village wearing arctic clothing carrying a bread-stick.

Although it may be relatively (and we do mean 'relatively) less known outside of France, Dofus is perhaps one of the most unusual tales of a game finding success jumping from PC to smartphones. The original was released in the mid-2000s but saw sadly declining player numbers. Despite this a succesful release to mobile seems to have kickstarted a new surge of players, and thus a new glut of content for them to enjoy.

Of course your liking for Dofus is probably going to be directly related to how much you like the game's quirkier mid-2000s aesthetic, but for those with good taste or simple nostalgia it's a hell of a great throwback to the early days of MMORPGs.

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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