Path of Titans release date and the rest you need to know

Path of Titans release date and the rest you need to know

Path of Titans is a classic dinosaur survival game developed by the Australian team Alderon Games. The project is cross-platform, which means you can play it on several devices at once. In the case of this game, you can play it on PCs, consoles, and mobile phones. Currently, there are 10 main types of dinosaurs in the game and you can develop them. Besides this, there are up to 200 players on one map measuring 6x6 square km, different types of weather and natural phenomena, functions of the arrangement of the cave, several skins, and mod support. You can also join groups and guilds.

Do you want to learn more about all these features? Then keep reading! In this guide, we will tell you about the Path of Titans release date and the rest of the things you need to know about this game.


The game was released on iOS on April 8, 2019, and on Android on September 8, 2020. On PCs and consoles, the game became available on July 27, 2022, and is currently in a closed beta test.


This simulator will not only tell a story about lizards but will also plunge you into the wild world of the Mesozoic era. This game will appeal to all lovers of cold-blooded creatures, but contrary to other similarly themed titles, you do not have to hunt them - instead, you will be a real dinosaur.

The developers have provided a choice of 10 types. You can customize them and create an individual style. Among them, you will find the fish Zuhomim, Struthiomimus, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus.

The developers plan to add many more of them in the future - other lizards will also be released with the update. These will include not only terrestrial creatures but also those that can swim and fly. In addition, there will be dinosaurs controlled by artificial intelligence, which, due to the activity of the players, will learn as the game progresses.

The development company states that up to two hundred individuals can play on their servers, and you can interact with them by performing different tasks. For example, in the game, it is possible to create nests, interact with other lizards, hunt for prey, and get into various shenanigans.


Path of Titans features include the following:

  • Characters with deep and detailed customization of skins and traits.
  • Complex quest system.
  • Group and guild systems that allow hunting and herd migration.
  • A lush environment filled with AI dinosaurs and smaller prehistoric creatures.
  • Swimming, diving, and fishing on lakes and rivers.

Besides this, powerful modding tools with the backend allow modders to deliver their content to other players. And the developers are strongly committed to supporting Linux. On PC, this game can't be found in any store - it's only available on the official website of the developers. And they have also released their Launcher with full Linux support.


You will need to find food and clean water. Each type of dinosaur provided in the game has its own diet. Predators can eat not only meat but also shells, bones, mushrooms, etc. Herbivorous dinosaurs are not limited to eating only bushes; they also eat shells, gourds, mushrooms, corn, termite mounds, and so on. It is also important to note that some species may receive buffs and debuffs from their diets.

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With regards to reservoirs, they tend to rot. If the water becomes unusable, you will not be able to quench your thirst with it. But for this case, the game has quests. They will help you restore the reservoirs. You will need to deliver certain items to the so-called wells to purify the water.

Also, for completing quests, you are given a reward in the form of local currency. For coins in Path of Titans, you can change the skins of your dinosaur, restore teleport stones, and later buy skills for your creatures. They are earned by completing any quest, whether it be collecting certain items or delivering them to certain places.


There are 5 way stones in the game - 4 of them are located at the edges of the maps and one is in the centre.

Teleportation stones have a cooldown, but you can speed up their cooldown by completing quests to deliver teleportation mushrooms or simply reset them for coins. With each reset, the cost of resetting is doubled. This means that you pay 150 coins the first time, then 300, then 600, and so on.


Path of Titans is a fresh game available on PC, consoles, Android, and iOS. It includes many interesting features, including the system of quests and the development of dinosaurs. Besides this, developers are promising to bring new content in future updates. If this is your favourite genre, you should definitely check the best survival games on Android, as well as the best survival games for iPhone.