Outer Empires MMO finally arrives on iPhone

Space is big. Almost as big as the App Store approval system

Outer Empires MMO finally arrives on iPhone
| Outer Empires

It was way back at the beginning of June when we first heard about space-based trading MMO Outer Empires, when we exclusively revealed in the in-browser online multiplayer was coming to the iPhone and got our hands on an early preview build.

Pegged as Elite meets EVE Online via Sins of a Solar Empire (a barrage of sci-fi imagery for you there), Outer Empires has been lost in the dark vacuum of Apple's approval process for 76 days, but has finally found a warp gate so it can jump onto your iPhone.

What's unique about Outer Empires as an MMO is that you can jump in and out on the same persistent universe whether playing on the iPhone, the in-browser game or through Facebook.

“Right from the outset we wanted to break the trend for five minute iPhone games, and give players an immersive, enduring experience that they can really get their teeth into,” says Iron Will Studio founder Paul Hutson.

“The in-browser version is great for those extended periods of play, while the iPhone and Facebook editions ensure that Outer Empires is right there where the players are, at all times. As factions grow and politic posturing and even all-out war take place, players can get online and perform their tasks no matter where they are.”

Once you've created your deep space pilot, Outer Empires allows you to fly transport, fighter, freight, exploration and bounty hunting missions, while setting up all manner of colonies and running on joining guilds to take control of your own corner of the 20,000 star systems.

Outer Empires is also making use of the iPhone's in-app purchase system to buy a monthly subscription, allowing you access to a greater range of in-game vehicles, items and colonies.

Unfortunately, something has gone awry with the App Store description, and hasn't left the Outer Empires listing rather barren. You can hit the 'Buy It!' button to warp to the app store to pick up the game, overtime being anyone looking for more information on Outer Empires is better off reading through our exclusive coverage and checking out the official website.

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