iPhone MMO Outer Empires update to give power to the players

Become a galactic president

iPhone MMO Outer Empires update to give power to the players
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It's been a while since we heard anything about buggy iPhone MMO Outer Empires. Developer Paul Hutson contacted Pocket Gamer recently to reveal that a forthcoming update is going to take the game in an interesting direction by putting some power in the hands of the players.

In the next month, players will be able to vote for other players to become members of a galactic council. The five players with the most votes become councillors, and in turn they then elect a galactic president who basically heads-up the proceedings.

What's really interesting is what these elected players can do. Should they decide to add more ship hulls to the market, add more jump gates for easier travel, subsidise worker pay for colonies, they can.

Essentially, these player-made choices will dramatically affect the entire game.

It's an ambitious move, and we're interested to see whether it works or not.

Ben Griffin
Ben Griffin
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