Old School RuneScape's Winter Summit 2024 showcases all the content releasing in the first half of 2024

Old School RuneScape's Winter Summit 2024 showcases all the content releasing in the first half of 2024

It was a huge weekend for Old School RuneScape players as Jagex hosted their annual Winter Summit event that outlined the roadmap for the coming year. It showcases a tonne of content including various QoL improvements, holiday updates, the Dreadman Apocalypse, and the release of Scurrius the Rat King. All of this is just part of the first half of 2024 so expect a lot more to be featured later on.

The showstopper for Old School RuneScape’s Winter Summit was, however, the unveiling of Valamore. This new expansion was first seen in the 2023 Summer Summit and will head to OSRS late in March. It sees players make their way to Civitas illa Fortis and the Avium Savannah where new quests like the Fortis Colosseum, Perilous Moons, and Hunter Guild will be available.

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That’s just the first half of the update. It will be followed by part two in the summer, where the focus extends beyond these regions, into the uninhabitable mountains north of Civitas illa Fortis and the luxurious island of Aldarin. The dev diary embedded below gives a great look at what’s to come.

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Meanwhile, two beloved RuneScape quests are getting the OSRS treatment. These include Defender of Varrock and While Guthix Sleeps. Both of them will carry forward the Mahjarrat questline. The missions will have spaced releases, with the former coming in Spring 2024 followed by the latter during the summer season.

And if that wasn’t enough, get ready for an overhauled Chaos Temple, which is the perfect entry point for lower-level players who want to explore this aggressive playstyle. This will also be available beginning in spring this year. Finally, an HD Mode will be implemented to make the game look more polished and an official client plugin API will be released, giving players the chance to create their own plugins.

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