Demian Saga introduces King Arthur in latest update alongside the Time Expedition mode

Demian Saga introduces King Arthur in latest update alongside the Time Expedition mode

Haegin has just released an exciting update for Demian Saga, which introduces a plethora of content to the popular mobile RPG. A new hero, King Arthur, has been added to the roster alongside new Time Expedition missions. In addition, endgame players can hop back in as well as the level cap has finally been raised.

King Arthur is the latest addition to Demian Saga’s ever-expanding roster of heroes. Already a famous legend, King Arthur is the inheritor of the Excalibur and is regarded as the next king of Elysion, a nation full of protectors. In-game, he is a melee hero who uses a sword and shield to slash through enemies.

As a powerful swordsman, King Arthur has the ability to increase the attack speed of both himself as well as his allies. He can also repetitively attack enemies within a fixed range and negate all the buff effects of targeted foes. If that isn’t enough, the hero can deal immense damage to a single enemy and further strike those who have already depleted their health.

Even waves of enemies are not safe from King Arthur as he can knock down all enemies that have already been hit before. This entire arsenal of skills makes the hero quite a good contender for both PvE and PvP modes.

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A raised level cap means players can spend more time levelling up their characters, who can now go all the way up to level 500. Internally, the entire system has been slightly tweaked to make it easier to upgrade linked heroes together if a player has a total of five level 400 characters or more.

Finally, the update introduces Time Expedition, a weekly questline that tasks players with a total of 30 challenges that must be completed using 25 pre-selected heroes. Completing missions will grant Gold, Unique Upgrade Material, Chronicle Crest, and a lot more.

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