Explore the kingdom of Varlamore in new Old School RuneScape expansion

Join the Hunter Guild and hunt creatures using the new Hunter's Rumours system.

Explore the kingdom of Varlamore in new Old School RuneScape expansion
  • Explore the Kingdom of Valamore and learn its secrets.
  • Hunt creatures with the new Hunter Guild.
  • Enjoy new training activities for pickpocketing and more.

Old School RuneScape has released part one of a major expansion that adds a brand-new area to the game. Varlamore Part One introduces you to the Shining Kingdom of Varlamore, where you'll discover tons of new quests. Part of Old School Runescapes' biggest area expansion in the game's history, this new kingdom is brimming with lore and history for you to uncover.

Playing on your own or with friends, you'll discover the secrets of Varlamore while experiencing fresh challenges. Compete in the new PvM arena, the Fortis Colosseum, and test your combat abilities against waves of menacing foes.

You can also journey to the Perilous Moons, a new dungeon where three legendary bosses await you. Battle these new foes alone or with other players and earn epic rewards. Varlamore Part One also introduces The Hunter Guild to the game. Hunt familiar and new creatures alike with the new Hunters’ Rumours system.

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The game also expands the game's classic Mining, Thieving, and Prayer skills through this new update. You will be able to partake in new training activities for Bone Shard Mining, Pickpocketing, Breaking & Entering, and Offerings to Ralos.

Old School RuneScape is a popular multiplayer RPG in which you go on epic quests and train your character in a variety of skills. The game features retro low-poly graphics reminiscent of the original browser-based RuneScape from the early 2000s. You’ll battle a wide range of foes, master skills like fishing and forging, and customize your character as you explore enticing environments.

Old School RuneScape is available on Google Play, the App Store, Steam and PC and features cross-play between mobile and PC. To learn more about the game and to keep up with all the latest updates, follow the game on X (Twitter) or YouTube or check out the official Old School RuneScape website.

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