RuneScape brings the iconic While Guthix Sleeps quest to Old School

You can now play a revamped version of this challenging quest

RuneScape brings the iconic While Guthix Sleeps quest to Old School
  • Old School RuneScape brings back one of its most iconic quests in a new form
  • While Guthix Sleeps is a fan-favourite, and is getting a new makeover for its reintroduction
  • The new quest is available in-game as of today!

Old School RuneScape, the multiplatform and mobile-compatible version of the revamped classic MMORPG is set to revive one of its most iconic quests with a new and improved version. While Guthix Sleeps will return to the game more than fifteen years after it was first released, and promises to offer even more adventure and challenges even for veteran players.

First released in 2008 for the then-mainline RuneScape version, While Guthix Sleeps is often regarded as one of the most complex, challenging and immersive quests in the game. It was the first Grandmaster (extremely high-level) quest added to the game and arguably paved the way for much of what RuneScape is today, or so the wiki tells us.

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Old School RuneScape, which caters to fans of the retro old-poly style of the original MMORPG, will see this quest revived and refined in a new version. While it will be familiar to long-time players, it'll also be refreshed and rebuilt to cater to those looking for a challenge equal to their first time tackling While Guthix Sleeps.

A RuneScape of change

While other MMORPGs that have defined the genre such as Ultima Online and World of Warcraft, have faded into the background or forsaken their older versions, RuneScape fans arguably get the best of both worlds. They have the modern, constantly-updated mainline RuneScape, as well as the retro-styled Old School RuneScape, to cater to them whatever their mood may be.

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