Whizbang's Workshop is Hearthstone's newest expansion following the 10th anniversary

Whizbang's Workshop is Hearthstone's newest expansion following the 10th anniversary
  • Hearthstone, the top CCG inspired by World of Warcraft recently hit its ten-year anniversary
  • Previous celebrations included exclusive cards, the release of the soundtrack and more
  • Now their latest expansion, Whizbang's Workshop, is set to release

Hearthstone, the top digital CCG inspired by World of Warcraft, is set to debut its next major expansion with Whizbang's Workshop after its initial announcement in February. Named after the titular genius inventor and toymaker, Whizbang's Workshop boasts an astounding 145 new cards, including the fully customizable Zilliax 3000 Deluxe, as well as a new keyword: miniaturise, to further change up your gameplay with a 1/1 version added to your hand you can play immediately, or save for later.

Not only that but the celebrations of Hearthstone's lengthy decade-long history are continuing with this expansion. Colifero the Artist, a legendary minion, will be available as a free reward for all players. You can also check out March's Season of Twist, with new cards from the game's history infused daily, taking you through a fast-forward of Hearthstone's cards and more.

Stoke the hearth
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Hearthstone is, alongside games like Overwatch, Starcraft and World of Warcraft, arguably one of Blizzard's most enduring games. Although ten years is a drop in the bucket compared to the studio's existence, it's no surprise that the top digital CCG doesn't seem to have waned in popularity. The continuing release of new cards, effects and more is sure to give you a reason to check back in if you're a lapsed player, or have a go if you've never taken the plunge before!

Still, if you're looking to get into the best of Whizbang's Workshop it won't be cheap, with the base version of this beefy expansion going for $49.99. So maybe see if you like Hearthstone first before you go dropping half a hundred on it.

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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