Old School RuneScape reintroduces PvP minigame Bounty Hunter in latest update

Old School RuneScape reintroduces PvP minigame Bounty Hunter in latest update

Jagex has announced the return of a fan-favourite PvP event in Old School RuneScape. Originally debuting in 2007, the Bounty Hunter minigame is back to deliver long-time fans a dose of nostalgia alongside some nifty rewards.

The original version saw players striding into three craters with a combat level cap before battling one another for bragging rights. And loot, of course. You can't forget the loot. Bounty Hunter's return has received a few tweaks to make the mode more accessible for anyone yet to dip their toes into PvP.

Using a quick matchmaking tool, the game will pit players of a similar skill level against one another to ensure they're engaged in a fair scrap. As a nod to the 2007 version, these bouts will happen in an arena called the Crater. Here, each person is assigned a target and will earn all their delicious loot if they manage to best them alongside emblems players can exchange for unique items.

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Some rewards up for grabs in Bounty Hunter include Statius’ Armour, Vesta’s Armour, Zuriel’s robes, Statius’ Warhammer, Vesta’s Longsword, and Morrigan’s Throwing Axe, among others.

In the mode itself, certain items can benefit from special enchantments that bolster their magical abilities. They include the Dark Bow, Dragon Mace, Dragon Longsword, and Abyssal Dagger.

And that's everything Bounty Hunter has to offer. You can jump into the game right now and start enjoying the mode. As for the future, Old School RuneScape plans to introduce Sailing this year, making the first new skill to arrive in the game in the last decade. For more details on its development, check out the official website.

Old School RuneScape is available now on the App Store and Google Play as a free-to-play game. You can download it for your preferred platform using the links below.

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