Oaken is a turn-based tactical roguelike making the jump from console to mobile

Out now for iOS and Android

Oaken is a turn-based tactical roguelike making the jump from console to mobile
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  • Oaken is a new strategy roguelike available now for iOS and Android
  • First released for Switch and Playstation you can now play it in the palm of your hand
  • Experience challenging strategy and a charming, mystical world to explore

Oaken is a brand-new turn-based roguelike strategy game available now for iOS and Android. Coming from GoblinzPublishing and developer Laki Studio, Oaken had previously released for Switch, PlayStation and Steam, and has now finally made the jump to iOS and Android.

Oaken is innovative in mixing roguelike strategy, RPG storytelling and deck-builders alongside a rather cute but grim world. While we've seen other games mix RPG and roguelike, like the upcoming Ash of Gods: Redemption, it's still not a common thing to see. In Oaken you must duke it out on a hex-based grid, using deckbuilding mechanics to upgrade and prepare your units for battle.

It's not just combat either as you'll get the chance to experience the world and find out more about the universe of Oaken, deciding who you want to throw your lot in with and the consequences which come with it.

Not a pleasant fairytale
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As always we're excited to see games make the jump from console to mobile, and it seems we've had a glut of them so far this year. No surprise because, as we're always eager to say, mobile is the biggest platform out there, and while premium titles aren't typically thought of as being succesful we expect that Oaken is going to appeal to those who enjoy hardcore strategy alongside a decidedly cutesy, unusual world.

As for what else is coming up this year, we've got you covered. Check out our list of the most anticipated games of the year, or our other list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far)! Each will give you an idea of what's around the corner and what you should be queuing up to play in a decidedly stacked year of indie hits, major releases and hidden gems that we've put in one place for your convenience.

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