PS Vita sales crash 95% to 18,361 units in week 5

Outsold by 3DS and PSP. Again

PS Vita sales crash 95% to 18,361 units in week 5

The PS Vita continues to struggle in Japan, selling only 18,361 units during the console’s fifth week on store shelves.

Despite shifting an encouraging 312,407 consoles in its first weekend, sales of Sony's latest handheld machine dropped 77 per cent to a less-than-encouraging 72,479 in week two.

Some retailers responded by lowering their prices, but even this has apparently not been enough to revive the PS Vita’s fortunes.

Today’s figures represent a painful 95 per cent drop off from week one, a number that will no doubt be the cause of a few furrowed brows over at Sony HQ.

Downward trend

While the PS Vita managed only 18,361 this week, Nintendo rubbed salt into the wound by shifting a comparatively healthy 100,668 3DS consoles.

Even the aging PSP sold 22,538 units this week, outselling its cutting-edge successor to the tune of 4,177 units.

On the bright side, Sony consoles have always fared well in the west, so the hardware giant will be hoping for a significant sales boost when the PS Vita launches in Europe and North America on February 22nd.