Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat gets new heavy weapon variant character, Blazing Tempest-Dante

This version of Dante delivers heavy damage with dual blades

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat gets new heavy weapon variant character, Blazing Tempest-Dante
  • Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat introduces a new version of main character Dante
  • Blazing Tempest-Dante offers the first heavy-weapon fighting-style in the game
  • Boost your team's fire damage and QTEs for fire attribute teammates

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, the action spectacle-fighter inspired by the hit DMC franchise, is set to introduce a new variant of the iconic main character with Blazing Tempest-Dante. Boasting a dual-sword fighting style, this version of Dante is the first introduced to the game who wields heavy weapons for his fighting style.

As you might guess from the name, Blazing Temptest-Dante's main gimmick is that he offers both heavy weapon damage and synergy with other fire damage-type characters. He can also frequently trigger QTEs for fire-damage teammates, maximising the chance for them to do damage with minimal effort.

He's heating up Dante, the white-haired main character of Devil May Cry, wielding two chunky machete-like swords.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat has received somewhat mixed reception, as any mobile spin-off of a beloved franchise is likely to receive. We found Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat perfectly serviceable in our review, while it does have the hallmarks of some more demanding mobile games, like needing sufficient energy to enter a battle, the combat and signature chain-attacks of the DMC series were very much intact.

DMC: Peak of Combat has also had more than a few additions character-wise. Fan-favourite character V made a welcome return to the game, and another version of the motivator himself, Vergil. So for DMC fans who aren't writing off Peak of Combat for being a mobile game, there's plenty of variety in terms of playable characters to sink your teeth into.

Blazing Tempest-Dante is set to debut on May 2nd in Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat as a limited-time character.

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