16GB Nexus 7 tablets back in stock

I'm guessing you're going to have to be quick, though

16GB Nexus 7 tablets back in stock

It appears that whatever supply issues Google was having with the 16GB version of the Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning Nexus 7 have been resolved, because the model is back on sale for £199.

The Nexus 7, for those who've been away in a place without the Internet these past few months, is Google's first Android tablet, made by ASUS.

It's a Tegra 3-powered, 7-inch, Ice Cream Sandwich device that's priced at such a low amount that even staunch anti-Android friends of mine have started quietly mumbling to me about how they would 'quite like to get one'.

Next: us

As previously mentioned, we awarded the tablet a rare Gold Award last week, as it outclasses not just all of the budget tablets on the market, but also stands up extremely well against competitors over twice its price.

Given how quickly the 16GB model sold out last time around, mind, we advise those still on the fence to make up your mind quickly.