N-INNOCENCE is due to shut down its Japanese servers later this year

N-INNOCENCE is due to shut down its Japanese servers later this year
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Asomibo, the developer of the semi-recently released N-INNOCENCE anime gacha RPG, has announced that it will shut down its Japanese servers later this Summer. This announcement comes only a year and some change after the original release, so it’s clear that it wasn’t quite as successful as the company would’ve liked given they’re already shutting down the servers within the location where it should be doing the best.

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Ah, gacha shutdowns. It seems like for every 1-in-10 release, one gets shut down shortly after it launches. From games like Dragalia Lost way back when to the recently shut down Trinity Seven, this sort of news is expected to drop at least once a week nearly. And it’s always unfortunate stuff, as when a game shuts down, it almost always means that a collection of players, be it small or large, are losing their favourite mobile game on the market.

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N-INNOCENCE isn’t the most surprising addition to this list, as the launch was relatively quiet and the gacha market is beyond over-saturated at this point. Typically, unless you’re a special case with some super unique gameplay or directly related to the bigger names within the sphere, it’s tough to keep the game operating, and N-INNOCENCE is proof of this.

As is also typical, there’s not a whole lot to go off of in terms of why the shutdown is occurring. It’s a safe bet it’s due to the usual reasons such as low profits and a dwindling fanbase. Still, players do have a few months to go before the game does close its doors on August 25th, and premium currency sales won’t be shut down till July 21st, so Japanese gamers can still try the game out before it is done for good.

If you’d like to do so, you can download N-INNOCENCE at either of the links below for free! Keep in mind that despite this news, there’s no word on the global client shutting down, so players outside of Japan can still enjoy the game for the foreseeable future!

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