N-INNOCENCE, the mythologically inspired anime action RPG, finally gets a North American release date

N-INNOCENCE, the mythologically inspired anime action RPG, finally gets a North American release date
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After opening up pre-registrations only a little bit ago, the highly anticipated action RPG N-INNOCENCE is set to launch on the 27th of this month for North American audiences. Having been soft-launched around select regions, this divine and godly story will see you utilise characters such as Thor, Siegfried, and other mythological figures from various cultures to combat different evils throughout a sci-fi world.

N-INNOCENCE is first and foremost heavily dripped in an anime style of aesthetics which makes it quite cool to see how the famous Gods and Goddesses we all know are recognised within a fantastical graphical style like this one. These are not your traditional takes on these mythological figures, but instead are hyper-stylised and anime-inspired variants of them instead.

As for what deities are on offer here, it’d be easier to list what regions aren’t covered. We’ve got Japanese mythological figures, Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and just about any other regions you could think of. They are all represented by popular figureheads of their cultural pantheons, and you’ll get to use all of them in combat depending on how you wish to build your team.

Gameplay-wise, N-INNOCENCE is meant to be a simple game to play, utilising a tap-and-flick style mechanic. You’ll slice across your screen to attack, and be able to swap your characters in and out on the fly to use whichever you need depending on the situation. It’s a fairly unique way of playing an action RPG, and allows those of us who don’t love the reflex tests that most aRPGs tend to be to still get involved.

If all of this sounds up your alley, you can pre-register for the game at either of the links below! And if you’re looking for a deeper look at the game, check out the official website in the meantime!

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