N-Innocence, a brand new 2D action game, set to launch in Japan this month

N-Innocence, a brand new 2D action game, set to launch in Japan this month

Developers ASOBIMO has announced its newest title, an action game by the name of N-Innocence. It will feature 2D anime-inspired action with simple touch controls, alongside some light RPG mechanics such as a leveling system and gacha rolling.

ASOBIMO are somewhat of a sleeper hit amongst the Southeast Asian community, with titles such as AVABEL ONLINE, a 3-D MMORPG, and Alchemy Story, another 3D MMORPG. Their speciality does indeed lay within that genre, and this is really the first hard branch off they’ve made within their catalog. Given that N-Innocence is a 2D action game that seems somewhat adjacent to the likes of Dungeon Fighter based on the featured trailer below, it’s exciting to see them experiment somewhat.

As for the gameplay itself, details are extremely light aside from the few videos we have. From what can be gathered, it seems like N-Innocence is a primarily 1-on-1 PvE title featuring some flashy combat and assist characters, so honestly not too far from a single-player fighting game. As strange as that sounds, it’d certainly be refreshing for something like that to hit the scene as that is a mostly unheard of combination.

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Story details are even vaguer than that so far, with really all we know being that the characters and storyline are going to be based upon Norse mythology, so expect some Thors and Yggdrasil conversations somewhere down the line. The official Twitter account also has quite a few preview images for the cast, but that’s about all we have to work with officially speaking.

N-Innocence is set to launch later this month to Southeast Asian audiences. So far, there’s no word on a global release, so we’ll have to wait and tune into the official website for any potential word on that. In the meantime, interested parties can pre-register for the game on either the App Store or the official Twitter, with a Google Play link coming soon.

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