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N-Innocence, Asobimo's action RPG, launches in North America after a successful run in Japan

N-Innocence, Asobimo's action RPG, launches in North America after a successful run in Japan
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After a successful launch in Japan last year, Asobimo has finally launched its mobile action game, N-Innocence, in the west. Pre-registration opened last month, and players in North America will finally be able to enjoy the 3D fighting action RPG.

N-Innocence is an all-out fighting game that tasks players with creating teams of four characters for battle. These heroes can be controlled simply by tapping and flicking the screen to launch devastating moves on enemies. Chaining combos adds to the action, dealing massive damage to anyone in the way.

Characters in N-Innocence are inspired by various mythologies including Norse, Japanese, and Greek. Gods from these ancient legends will be found as in-game avatars, with their own attack actions and a special move called Divinity. It calls upon their godliness and unleashes a strong attack with a flashy effect on opponents.

When pre-registrations had kicked off, the developers had announced extra rewards for everyone if the milestone of 100,000 sign-ups was hit. Needless to say, that happened quite easily and everyone hopping into the game now can enjoy 1,500 Gems by clicking on the Present found on the home screen.

Players can earn an additional 1,500 Gems as well. A ten-day login event has also gone live, granting everyone who launches the game 150 Gems every day. Over the next two weeks, Thor will also be seen in the featured Gacha. Asgard’s strongest warrior comes with electrifying attacks, while his Divinity called Disguised Blade allows for periodic HP recovery. The 3-star character will have a much higher appearance rate until March 14th.

N-Innocence features a splendid cast of talented voice actors for powerful characters based on ancient legends. Combine that with eye-popping visuals and loads of fighting, and you have the perfect recipe for an entertaining title. You can download N-Innocence now for free by clicking on either link below.

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