My Oasis: A few tips to help you get some extra relaxation

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My Oasis: A few tips to help you get some extra relaxation

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My Oasis is one of those rare games that's stress-free. These are always fun to play and help gamers clear their minds. It's a game where you have your own little island, hence the name, and it's up to you to make it the way you want to.

In some ways, it's kind of like Animal Crossing: New Horizons to a lesser extent. In ACNH, you live on an island and help make it thrive while enjoying its serenity at the same time. It's essentially the same thing here but in mobile gaming form.

Your island is also floating in the air, so it's an archipelago. You'll be able to enjoy your little oasis and make it more vibrant over time. With My Oasis being so lowkey, there are no hardcore tips here but we'll tell you some things to keep note of as you play.

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Tip #1 - Keep on Tapping the Screen

My Oasis gameplay screenshot

The easiest thing you can do in My Oasis is tap your Android or iOS screen. Yup, that's right, just tap the screen. This is mentioned in the brief tutorial that the game offers but we just want to double down and let you know how important it can be.

Tapping the screen gives you hearts that operate a bit like currency. This game is so laid-back and relaxing that it's that easy to rack up some loot in the form of hearts. And with how heart-warming the game is, who wouldn't want to see more hearts, right?

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There is no one specific area you need to tap. However, you can get animals to visit your island, and when tapping them, they talk to you. They typically offer wholesome quotes to make you feel good. On occasion, they may give you some minor tips too.

Tip #2 - Remember to Upgrade

As we talked about a little bit, you can upgrade your island in different ways. You can add more animals to it to give it more life for one. You can also upgrade your tapping ability so when you do so as we mentioned in the last tip, you'll receive even more hearts. Cool, huh?

The more you upgrade things, you'll be able to unlock some neat new features. Just remember that all you need to do is keep tapping that screen and watch the hearts flow. Also, if you want to, you can watch ads to gain 2X heart gain.

Aside from this, you can collect diamonds and make certain upgrades as well. You'll earn these over time or, if you want them a tad faster, you can pay for them or you can watch ads to gain some. Again, the ads are completely optional which is great if you just want to kick back and enjoy this relaxing game ad-free.

Tip #3 - Change the Environment, Take in the Music

One of the best aspects of My Oasis is the environment that the game has. You can change the time of day and change the weather as well. What's interesting is that you'll need to unlock these settings which is fun as it gives you some sense of reward.

You can unlock these simply by playing the game and growing your island. Once you have a new setting, try it out and see how it looks. If you're playing the game at night, for example, you may appreciate the nighttime setting to set the mood. Turning on the rain setting can give you some calming sounds as nature sounds tend to be relaxing.

If that's not quite your fancy, there are some musical tunes you can listen to and they're all quite pleasant to the ear. Some are instrumentals while others have lyrics. This is a really great way to balance things out and let the player just enjoy what they want to enjoy. So go ahead and have fun with the settings after you've unlocked some and make your oasis feel like home.

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