Need friends for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Multiplayer? Share your friend codes and Dodo codes here!

Fruit, furniture, friends, the three Fs. What else could you possibly need? Add your Dodo codes

Need friends for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Multiplayer? Share your friend codes and Dodo codes here!
Updated on January 12th, 2023: It's been two years since launch now, during that time we've received over 200'000 comments and Dodo codes and so had to archive them into pages so that the comment system holds up.

As of the 20th of March 2020, we can finally dive into the wonderful world of escapism that only Nintendo's slice-of-life game can truly deliver. So, grab your Nintendo Switch and hop online... Actually, wait a minute. As with most Nintendo games - even its mobile offerings, like Mario Kart Tour - access to Ronnie Rando, Arbitrary Anne and friends is gated behind a friend code or Dodo code system.

So, we here at Pocket Gamer have a solution for you. Especially those who are truly embracing the spirit of adventure. We've built this post to give you a chance to gather a great list of new friends to play with.

Of course, there are other ways to have others play on your island. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has console-sharing mode when you have multiple users on the same device, however, everybody will - at present - have to bundle onto the same island... which certainly destroys the thrill of exploring a new land. Otherwise, there is a local play option where one person hosts and others can ping in.

Are Dodo codes in Animal Crossing safe?

Dodo codes are as safe as exchanging friend codes. They are generated when you ask, at the airport, to not invite from your friend list. There are some things in place to protect you from mischief-makers, namely, if you turn off your device it will undo any progress the visitors have made - be that if they've picked things up off of the floor, or stung you in a trade. 

Where to find Dodo codes?

Just in case you missed it above, in order to generate a Dodo code in Animal Crossing, you'll need to head to your airport. After that it's quite simple: tell Orville that you want visitors from far-off islands, and read through the mass of warnings from Nintendo about being mischievous

At this point, you can grab the five-digit Dodo codes in Animal Crossing by opting to not invite from your friend list. You can also share those below, but be aware that you're in a comment thread and so responses may not be immediate.

So, where do you find your friend code in order to share it in this handy-dandy post?

  • Step one: Tap on your profile icon in the top left of the console.
  • Step two: Tap 'add friend'.
  • Step two-and-a-half: Voila! Your code will appear beneath your username.
  • Step three: Share your code with your Pocket Gamer friends below if you'd like to.

Where is my Dodo code?

In order to obtain their dodo code, players need to talk to Orville who's located inside the Dodo Airlines. All they have to do is ask him for visitors and inform him that they want to allow their friends (or other players) to travel to their island. Orville will then provide them with a five-digit code.

Are there any alternatives though?

As it turns out, there is. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons there are also Dodo codes, which are new to the Animal Crossing franchise. With this, you won't need to add other people as friends in order to have them come and visit your island - which is great if you're incredibly popular like us.

In addition to this, some people have set up 'trade areas' near their airports, so that people can only enter the island if the resident player allows it.

Are Dodo codes temporary?

Dodo codes in Animal Crossing are temporary, which serves as an excellent additional defence against troublemakers who come to your town. The moment you shut your gates the friend code expires, hence why your Nintendo Switch will spend some time thinking before closing or opening your gates.

Are Dodo codes one-time use?

With dodo codes, a player can invite other players to travel to their island. These codes are made up of five random numbers and letters. If you a player loses their code, all they need to do is speak to Orville and he will give them the code again. You can use a code as long as it's active.

When do Dodo codes expire?

Unlike other games, Dodo codes in Animal Crossing don't last for long. In fact, the codes will become invalid once you decide to shut down your gates. If you think that's too bad, we are here to tell you that it's really not all that bad. This mechanic will prevent people who you don't want to from coming into your town. 

Can I generate Dodo codes with open gates?

Sadly you cannot, in Animal Crossing you can only open your gates for either Dodo codes or your friend lists. The easy solution for this is to pass the code on to your friends, as well as onto our handy list below, in order to get a mixture of friends and strangers to come and explore your island.

So, leave your friend codes and Dodo codes in the comments below -- as well as which native fruit you have on your island -- and why not tell us what you think of Animal Crossing: New Horizon too?

And, of course, while you're here. Feel free to check out our quick Q&A post for Animal Crossing: New Horizon tips & hints, and if there's anything you think we've missed or any questions you still have, pop them below and we'll share all of the info we have.

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