Niantic and Discord team up for exclusive Monster Hunter Now rewards

Niantic and Discord team up for exclusive Monster Hunter Now rewards
  • Monster Hunter Now is Niantic's latest AR game based on the famous Monster Hunter franchise
  • Unlike their other title, Pokemon Go, these monsters really aren't your friends
  • And now Niantic is offering a month of free Discord Nitro for all players in partnership with the messaging platform

Widely used gamer messaging platform Discord and developer Niantic are set to partner up to offer exclusive rewards for Monster Hunter Now players. In celebration of the hit AR game's half-year anniversary, Niantic is offering a month of free Discord Nitro, a subscription offering unique emojis, a larger file upload limit, and higher-quality streaming, for all Monster Hunter Now Players.

Not only that, but both new and existing Nitro members can also claim a special bundle of rewards for use in Monster Hunter Now. This bundle, available from the time of writing to April 18th, includes a Paintball for marking monsters, allowing you to hunt them at your leisure, a Wander Orb that increases your hunting range for 30 minutes, and a DevilJho scale, a rare material from the infamous monster DevilJho.

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While your opinion on whether Nitro is worth it will differ depending on whether you think Discord has gotten better or worse with recent updates, this is still a pretty neat reward for Monster Hunter Now fans. It's also interesting to see Niantic team up with a service like Discord, which has built itself and its success off of being a convenient way for gamers and other online groups to message one another easily.

Discord is likely hoping for an influx of new MHN fans who find Nitro too good to let go, and for Niantic, it's an easy way to show their appreciation to fans while also holding a pretty lucrative collaboration event. With Monster Hunter Now having just released its debut season, and proving to be a big success so far, it's clear Niantic wants to capitalise.

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Iwan Morris
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