Monster Hunter Now expands hunt-a-thon range

You can now team up with other hunters that are further away

Monster Hunter Now expands hunt-a-thon range
  • Monster Hunter Now's hunt-a-thons will now be easier to match with other hunters
  • Teaming up won't take so long but may take 'several tens of seconds'
  • The changes are intended to help deal with difficult matchmaking

Monster Hunter Now, the hit AR game from Niantic based on the Monster Hunter franchise, has unveiled new changes to their 'hunt-a-thon' multiplayer hunts. These changes will (hopefully) make it much easier for players to pair up with other hunters by expanding the range that will contact other hunters to join your game.

The changes extend the range that links to other Hunt-a-thon points which are further away. Originally, you had to be near a hunt-a-thon point to participate, but by making these more remote, Niantic looks to address problems with lack of player engagement in this mechanic.

Too many hunters?

While it's definitely a good sign that Niantic is addressing one of the biggest issues for hunters at the moment, that being how long it takes to get other players into a hunt-a-thon, they still warn it may take 'several tens of seconds' for you to connect. For a multiplayer game like Monster Hunter Now this could be a worrying sign about a slipping playerbase.

However, we reckon it could also have something to do with the still-niche appeal of the Monster Hunter franchise and might speak more to the scattered nature of the player base. i.e. whereas you could easily find dozens of Poke-fans in any given city you'll likely find far less that have anything more than a passing familiarity with Monster Hunter.

Still, here's hoping these changes might bring back some lapsed players put off by the difficulty of pairing for multiplayer. Although some might question the need for hunt-a-thon points at all with remote pairing.

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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