Monster Hunter Now releases debut season with a plethora of content

Monster Hunter Now releases debut season with a plethora of content
  • The Vernal Invader, Monster Hunter Now's first season, releases on March 14th
  • New weapons, monsters, and skills to look forward to
  • Brand new Celebration Quest Line with 16 challenging quests to tackle

Niantic has just dropped some massive news for Monster Hunter Now, revealing that the AR game is kicking off its debut season titled The Vernal Invader. Brace yourselves for an array of new monsters, gameplay features, cosmetic options, special quests, and more, set to elevate your hunting experience to new heights from next week.

We kick off Monster Hunter’s The Vernal Invader season with the Charge Blade, a dynamic weapon possessing two modes – a sword and an axe. Charge up your energy in Sword Mode and unleash devastating attacks in Axe Mode, including the powerful Super Amped Element Discharge.


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Among the new arrivals are formidable monsters like Odogaron, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, and the fearsome Deviljho. Encounter these beasts through urgent quests or face the thrill of Invasions, a novel map feature where Deviljho may ambush your hunts.

Fighting monsters is obviously a big part of the game, but why not do it in style? Express yourself on the battlefield with Layered Equipment, adding cosmetic flair to your loadout without sacrificing performance. Plus, loadouts have also been increased from five to ten.

Some of the new skills that are part of the update include Latent Power, Quick Work, and Status Sneak Attack, which will help you turn the tide of the battle. And beware the new status ailment, Bleeding, which is inflicted by Odogaron's attacks.

The arrival of the first season brings about a new Celebration Quest Line, consisting of sixteen quests that offer exclusive rewards like hunter medals and Beginner Weapon Tickets. Try out the new Charge Blade with the Bone Strongarm, weapons that both newcomers and veterans will enjoy.

Finally, there’s the Season Pass to look forward to. It offers exclusive rewards for hunters who dare to take on tricky challenges. Complete activities to earn Tier Points and unlock rewards, with certain exclusive perks reserved for Premium Pass holders.

Monster Hunt Now’s The Vernal Invader season lands on March 14th.

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