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Top 10 Survival island seeds in Minecraft 1.19

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Top 10 Survival island seeds in Minecraft 1.19

Looking for the best survival island seeds in Minecraft 1.19? We’ve got you covered.

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If you’re like me, you’d rather not leave your Minecraft world generation up to fate, especially if you have a cool idea for a build that requires a specific biome or you want to give yourself the best early start with certain resources. That’s where seed-based world generation comes in.

Island spawns are rarer in 1.19 since the game tries its best to place you on the mainland, but if you’re looking for a survival challenge and you don’t want to try your luck, these seeds will help you out. Please note that these seeds are mainly for the Bedrock version of Minecraft, so if you’re playing the Java edition, you might not find the same worlds!

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What are seeds in Minecraft PE?

Seeds are sets of numbers that are used for world generation in Minecraft. Every world has a seed, which tells the game what to generate. So, if you find a cool world and want to share it with the wider Minecraft community, or you want to use somebody else’s cool discovery, all you need is the seed for that world.

image showing how to input a world seed number in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.19

All you need to do is input the seed into the world seed box in the menu, as shown in the image above.

What are the top 10 survival island seeds in Minecraft 1.19?

So, without further ado, what are the best survival island seeds in Minecraft 1.19? We’ve scoured the internet for the best the community has found so far. If these don’t tickle your fancy, check out our previous list of the best Minecraft seeds for further inspiration.

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Twin Island Peaks on an Ancient City

Twin Peaks on an Ancient City Screenshot for survival in Minecraft PE 1.19
  • Seed: -561772

Nathan Drake, eat your heart out; this might be the best 1.19 survival island we've come across. Twin mountain peaks and a village already give you a lot to explore, but around the back of the tallest peak lies one of the new deep dark cave biomes. Follow it all the way down, and you'll find one of the new ancient city structures filled with treasure ripe for the taking. Check out this YouTube video from Minecraft & Chill for a full run-through of the island.

Sandbar Spawn Island

Sandbar spawn in Minecraft PE survival in 1.19
  • Seed: -9142863513851137753

Ready for a challenge? Originally found on RockPaperShotgun, this seed spawns you in the ocean next to a few lonely blocks of sand. On Java, you have a nearby shipwreck to start you off, but no such luck on Bedrock. At least there's a mushroom island nearby, so you'd best get swimming.

Blacksmith Village Island with a Buried Secret

blacksmith village spawn with stronghold buried underneath for survival in Minecraft 1.19
  • Seed: 335231559228961104

Not only does this seed spawn you in an island village with four blacksmiths, but it also features a stronghold with an End Portal right underneath the spawn area. Check out ECKOSOLDIER on YouTube for a breakdown!

Dueling Biome Island

Wooded Badlands and Jungle Island with coral reef in survival Minecraft 1.19
  • Seed: 7850875

Credit to ProGameGuides for this one - this seed features two island biomes side-by-side: a rare Wooded Badlands island and a Jungle island. Surrounding these is a coral reef and multiple points of interest.

Shipwreck Plains

survival island in 1.19 with shipwreck, plains and cliffs
  • Seed: 3183834079867649340

Shared by Reddit user FlyCapnBlaz, this seed leads to an exposed shipwreck on the plains nearby the spawn, with a small cluster of islands even containing some towering cliffs. You won't find a lot of wood here, though, making for a great survival island beginning.

Mangrove Swamp Island

mangrove swamp survival island in Minecraft 1.19
  • Seed: -7135175970849399448

Shared by, this seed lets you spawn on an island with a Jungle and a Mangrove Swamp biome, filled with frogs and fireflies and plenty of wood to get you started.

Barren Desert Island

barren desert island for survival in Minecraft 1.19
  • Seed: -7740300553320684095

Shared by RockPaperShotgun, this seed spawns you on a barren desert island with nothing more than a few trees to keep you company. This is a great survival island start if you're looking for a challenge.

Sandy Forest Island

sandy forest island for survival in Minecraft 1.19
  • Seed: 1664128793606897522

Shared via RockPaperShotgun, this seed puts you on a tiny island with a sandy beach and a small forest. If you're lucky, you might find some turtles, a pig, and some underwater caves that are just begging to be explored if you don't mind the risk of drowning. Good luck!

Frozen Ocean Islands

frozen ocean islands for survival in Minecraft 1.19
  • Seed: -510513385

If the ocean is frozen, are you still on an island? You can contemplate this question while you explore this frozen wasteland, fending off polar bears and trying not to freeze to death. You'd best get fishing. Thanks to for this one.

Mushroom Island

Jungle Island with a nearby mushroom island for survival in Minecraft 1.19
  • Seed: 7511965369591379920
  • Mushroom island: 710, 20

While this seed spawns you on a super useful Jungle island, the real treasure is nearby: a Mushroom biome island ripe for the taking. Simply build a boat and follow the coordinates above. Thanks to for this one!

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