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Best Minecraft (PE) Bedrock Seeds shared online

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Best Minecraft (PE) Bedrock Seeds shared online

An extended list of 22 Minecraft PE seeds is all you'll ever need

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Let's have a little chat about the best Minecraft PE seeds, or Bedrock seeds if you prefer. Bedrock is the multi-platform version of Minecraft which allows multiplayer on mobile devices, consoles and also Windows 10.

What are Minecraft PE Seeds?

Minecraft PE Seeds are these little (or not so little) sets of characters that can force the level generator to load a specific world. How exactly do they do that? We will talk about that in a bit, for now, it's important to point out that there are essentially countless seeds available and each one of them creates a world that players can build and explore.

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The creators share these codes online and in this article we've gathered the most interesting ones from all over the internet to present to you. Obviously, the list could have been much, much longer but for practical reasons we decided to keep it somewhat 'short'.

How do seeds work?

Now that we know exactly what "Minecraft Seeds' are, the next question naturally should be, how can we use them?

Minecraft PE seeds - my world

It's actually super easy to do so. All we need to do is enter the seed/code into the "World seed" box which we can find within the Minecraft menu as shown in the picture above.

Finally, now that we’ve got everything out of the way, let’s get into our list with the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds!

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Posted by Reddit user justforfunghostacc, this is a great starting point for a new adventure. It features a world that has a village with a nether ruin on a hill.

Seed: 898839899

Long Desert Temple

A very long desert Temple that reaches all the way down to bedrock near the spawn point. Looks pretty interesting! It was posted by Reddit user xxTrxshyyxx.

Seed: -578480593

The Five Villages Seed

The Five Villages features pretty much everything, from a stronghold, to monuments, a mansion, a ruined portal and even a shipwreck, you name it. Like every other entry on our list, this is a 'Bedrock' seed but it can also work for the Java version. Posted by Reddit user YeahDaryl.

Seed: 720249967

Outpost Seed

A Minecraft Bedrock seed shared by Redditor AkiVoid features something pretty unique. While it’s not exactly right next to the spawn point, head to -712, 78, 394 points and see for yourself.

Seed: -322003417

Curved Ravine Seed

Reddit user lemon_in_my_eye decided to share this one, which features a curved ravine and a village with no chest. Looks like a pretty interesting world to start a new adventure. The coordinates are -681,70,308.

Seed: 767374308

Village, Swamp and Mesa

A seed posted by user BroncanoHorse on Reddit, who’s using a realistic world shadow shader. It will look a little bit (or a lot) different if you don't use this specific shader. A village, a swamp, and mesa, everything near the spawn point. What a lovely seed!

Seed: 902442027

Tundra Village

This Bedrock seed has a very interesting ‘combo’. A tundra village that is located next to ice spikes and an eroded badlands area. There are also sunflower plains. Looks pretty nice! It was posted by user ricecake1111113. The coordinates to the spot are 120,170.

Seed: 246669682

Bamboo Forest Seed

Bamboo Forest, posted by Reddit user liQ_o, features a bamboo forest, mountains, plains, and a mesa biome. In the featured image you can see the spawn point.

Seed: -977703245

Abandoned Village

This Bedrock seed that was posted by Reddit user grimreaperdeath6, features an abandoned village on the top of a stronghold. But that’s not all - there’s also a Geode next to the portal and another village at -286, XX, 660.

Seed: 544508734

An interesting structure?

Reddit user Brone9 shared this very interesting seed. The location that you see in the image is near the spawn point but that’s not all. The area is surrounded by savanna and desert. Definitely worth exploring this world.

Seed: 476222331

Flat Island

The featured image doesn’t exactly show the spawn point, but this flat island terrain is pretty close to it. If you want to check it out just head to 286, 70, -313 (coordinates). This Bedrock seed was posted by user Frane98.

Seed: -682993356

Another abandoned village seed

This Bedrock seed was posted by user NecessaryEcho7859 on Reddit and it features a village and pillager outpost at spawn to go along with a broken portal and another abandoned village nearby. In the abandoned village we can find two blacksmiths with chests that will reward us with a lot of iron.

Seed: 1156007324

A heart shaped lake

One of the things that makes Minecraft so much fun is that you never know what you’ll stumble upon. In this world, we find a heart-shaped lake just a few blocks away from the spawn point. As some people pointed out, it may be not the perfect shaped heart but hey! it's sure pretty close to it! A rather unique seed shared by Reddit user TheReviewer867.

Seed: -2115218725

Island Village Seed

Redditor SwartyNine26 shared this very nice Bedrock seed that features a bamboo jungle to go along with mushroom fields and a swamp at the spawn point. Close to it, there’s an island village surrounded by a vast ocean that can be located at 240, 77, 560.

Seed: 119020

Ocean Temple

A world with an ocean temple under an ice biome surrounded by several islands. Looks pretty amazing! We have jack2411023, a Reddit user to thank for sharing this seed.

Seed: 8129762

Taiga Village

This very nice-looking Minecraft Bedrock seed features badlands, jungle, and a forest, everything very close to the spawn point. Redditor SwartyNine2691 is the one who made a post about it.

Seed: 462228

Exposed Stronghold Seed

Redditor CaptainVice764 found himself spawning in a village with an exposed stronghold above it and decided to share this amazing seed with the rest of the world. As a few users pointed out, it will probably make ‘speed runners’ happy.

Seed: 322161687

Not the bees!

Redditor Alphaverse_ found a Bedrock seed that features around 13 beehives and a tall birch biome at -670 79 -225. It’s not very common to find so many beehives so this could very well be a ‘bug’ that is going to be fixed in an upcoming patch. If you feel like exploring this world, do it now before it’s too late!

Seed: 1627805985


Apparently, you can find anything in the world of Minecraft - Australia included! This amazing Minecraft PE seed was posted by Redditor LigmaDeezSugondese, To get to ‘Australia’ though you will need to fly to 243, 135, -58 as it’s not exactly near the spawn point.

Seed: 380277553

Floating Island Seed

If you enter the world shared by user dr_bubblebutt, you’ll find yourself spawning on a tree that is located pretty close to a jungle. Head out to 24, 97, -19 and check it out for yourself. 52, 92, 170 is where a floating island with a village is located and that’s only some of the stuff this very cool seed features.

Seed: 780739322

Flat Terrain

Flat doesn’t mean boring and the Flat Terrain shared by user TheMinecraftAmaze shows that. This Bedrock world is what many players are looking for to start their adventure.

Seed: -1335288287

Mesa/Canyon Seed

Redditor blackwhiip shared this Bedrock seed that features a world with mesa and canyon biome next to each other. A ruined portal and two libraries in a stronghold nearby are only some of the things you can find in it.

Seed: 780739322

These are the 22 Minecraft Bedrocks seeds that we find the most interesting. Share your favourites in the comments below. Oh, and don't forget to check the lists of the most wonderful Minecraft houses and Minecraft castles that you can make yourself. We are sure you'll get an idea or two.

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