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What does Projectile Protection do in Minecraft?

What does Projectile Protection do in Minecraft?

As you survive in Minecraft, you will regularly encounter mobs that attack from a distance. For example, the most common mobs are archer skeletons, which can even attack in groups. Of course, the list of such enemies is bigger. For example, there are also ghasts and blazes. And anyone who fights these mobs has a logical question: how do I protect myself against them?

Of course, you can use a shield or get powerful diamond armor. However, over time, this will not be enough. Therefore, the only reliable way to defend yourself is to use the Projectile Protection Minecraft enchantment. However, these enchantments have their own distinctive features that you should be aware of before deciding to cast them on items.


 A key feature of the Projectile Protection enchantment is that this enchantment significantly reduces the damage the character takes from arrows and any other projectiles.

For example, this list includes not only skeleton archers but also ghasts and blazes. Thanks to the Projectile Protection enchantment, you can reduce the damage taken by as much as 90%. However, achieving this number would require that all armor had level four enchantment applied.


  • Max level. The Projectile Protection enchantment, like many other types of defensive enchantments, has five levels. However, if this is not enough, then we recommend using the mods that are presented below and remove the standard restriction on levels. Or you can use commands.
  • What items can be enchanted with projectile protection in Minecraft? The Projectile Protection enchantment is intended for all types of armor in the game. That is, you can cast these spells on any kind of boots, pants, armor, and helmet. This list also includes a turtle helmet.
  • Incompatibility. The Projectile Protection enchantment is one of the few enchantments that conflicts with other defensive effects. Therefore, it cannot be cast on items that have such enchantments as Protection, Blast Resistance, or Fire Resistance.
  • Chances of getting enchanted. The Projectile Protection enchantment has a certain chance of dropping in the enchantment table window. And this probability is equal to 10 units. At the same time, if you do not want to waste time and experience, you can use the mod, which is presented below.


  • Mods Tool Leveling + or Limitless. Both of these modifications are intended to remove the limitation on enchantment levels. As a result, items can be enchanted even to hundredths of levels. And each of these mods adds its own unique block. The difference between them is that the first project requires netherite ingots as the main resource for enchantments, although an item can be changed in a special file for configurations. The second mod requires standard resources: experience and lapis lazuli. It also does not change the cost of repairing enchanted equipment. And enchanted items can be enchanted with it again.
  • Disenchanting Forge. With this mode, it will be possible to use the new forge, which will make it possible to remove any kind of enchantment from objects and move them inside books. These actions consume the accumulated experience of the character, but in return, the items after that are not destroyed and remain intact.
  • Enchanting Plus. Another extremely useful project, which makes it possible to choose the desired enchantments. In other words, the mod bypasses the enchantment drop rate mechanic. To do this, the author added his own table for enchantments, where they can be selected. Enchantments still have a fixed price. Thus, it will be possible to save a large amount of experience and time.
  • Ensorcellation, Colds: Enchants, or Enchanting Fever. You can install any modification since they are all created only to diversify the types of enchantments in the vanilla version of Minecraft. Their only differences are the options and the number of added enchantments.
  • Custom Enchantments. We suggest installing a mod that makes changes to the standard spells. The key feature of this mod is that it adds enhanced versions of the game's standard enchantments. For this, another new block was also added, where you can create these spells. And to help, the author also took care of the enchantment book, which contains all the existing recipes for new enhanced enchantments.


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You can get the Projectile Protection enchantment not only in the usual game way or with the help of mods, but also thanks to the administrator mode with the appropriate commands. The only difference is that the enchantment will already be applied to a certain item, but if you wish, the desired item can also be pre-selected.

The main thing before you decide to use the admin panel is to make sure that the use of cheats is allowed in the world. Otherwise, nothing will work. As a last resort, if you can’t open the admin panel, just create a new world.

  1. First, open the developer mode (admin panel) using the "T" key, and then in the window that opens, go down below, where the command line is located to use the commands.
  2. In the command line, you can write the command "/give @p netherite_chestplate{Enchantments:[{id:projectile_protection,lvl:4}]}" and immediately get enchanted netherite armor with the fifth level of Projectile protection.
  3. But you can also write another command - "/give @p enchanted_book{Enchantments:[{id:projectile_protection,lvl:4}]}". In this case, the character will receive a book with a similar enchantment of the same level.
  4. All commands should be written without quotes. And they can change not only the item (by changing the item ID) but also the level in the corresponding field to any other.

If the commands still cannot be used for unknown reasons, then we recommend using Command Block. The selected command should be written inside it. And in the future, it will activate by itself, as soon as the command block receives a signal from the red stone.

This is everything you need to know about Projectile Protection in Minecraft. While you are here, take a look at our guide on Bane of Arthropods in Minecraft.