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Complete list of Minecraft Bedrock commands

All of the commands in Bedrock you'll ever need

Complete list of Minecraft Bedrock commands
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In the world of Minecraft Bedrock commands (or cheats), are strings of text that can execute in-game actions. That can be anything from moving objects to changing the weather, clearing players' inventory, creating building blocks and so on, there's a command that can automate that process for you. Learning how to properly use them can save a lot of time and make the process of creating worlds much more enjoyable.

How to use Minecraft Bedrock commands?

There are two ways one can use commands in Minecraft Bedrock (previously known as Minecraft PE). One simple way is by the use of a ‘chat window’. All you have to do is simply select the ‘Chat’ button to open the ‘Chat box’ and type in the command that you want to use. Every command must start with ‘/’ and keep in mind that they are case-sensitive.

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Another way to execute commands is by using 'Command Blocks'. Because command blocks have the ability to activate a series of different command inputs, that allows players to create long automated sequences.

To obtain a command block, first enable creative mode and then open the chatbox and enter ‘/give *your username* command block’. Keep in mind that different versions of Minecraft have different ways of activating control blocks. This is the process for the Bedrock version!

How to enable cheats

To be able to use commands, players must first allow 'cheats' before they load into their world. The process is very easy but keep in mind this: Activating cheats will disable your achievements for that specific world. To do so, go to ‘Settings’, select ‘Game’ and then ‘Cheats’.

Syntax and the Help Command

Because Minecraft Bedrock commands are like a programming language in a way, players who are not familiar with how everything works might feel somewhat overwhelmed at the start. Even veteran players can run into some issues when running commands from time to time, it’s pretty normal.

The use of '/help' or ‘/?’ displays a list of every console command but it can also give valuable information about a specific command and how to use it. All we have to do is type '/help' followed by the name. For example: '/help teleport'.

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Of course, since it's Minecraft we are talking about here, there's a very large community dedicated to it. There are forums and different wiki sites with information available for everyone. If you are having issues with a specific command and how to use it, or you simply want to learn more about it, you can always use those resources.

List of Minecraft Bedrock Commands

Below you’ll find a list of every available command in Minecraft Bedrock edition, along with a description of what they do in-game.
Command Action
/ability Grants or revokes ability to a player
/alwaysday Stops or resumes the day-night cycle
/camerashake Creates a camera shaking effect
/changesetting Change a dedicated server setting
/clear Clear item(s) from the player's inventory
/clearspawnpoint Removes the spawn point
/clone Copies block(s) and puts them in a location
/connect Connect to websocket server
/deop Takes operator status away from a player
/dialogue Opens NPC dialogue
/difficulty Sets the game's difficulty
/effect Add/Remove status effects
/enchant Enchants a selected item
/event Triggers an event
/execute Executes a different command
/fill Fills an area with blocks
/fog Changes fog settings
/function Runs a function
/gamemode Sets player’s game mode
/gamerule Sets game rule
/gametest GameTest features
/give Gives an item to a player
/help Displays a list of available commands and information about them
/immutableworld Set immutable world state
/kick Kick a player
/kill Kill any entity
/list Lists players
/locate Locate the closest structure
/me Displays a message
/mobevent Enables or disables mob event
/music Allows the player to play music tracks
/op Gives player operator status
/ops Reloads or displays permissions list
/particle Creates particle(s)
/playanimation Play an animation
/playsound Plays a sound
/reload Reloads functions, advancements and loot tables
/replaceitem Replace any item(s) in inventory
/ride Change ride settings or entities
/save Resume, status query, backup
/say Displays a message to multiple players
/schedule Schedule the execution of a function
/scoreboard Manages the scoreboard
/setblock Changes a block
/setmaxplayers The max amount of players allowed to join
/setworldspawn Sets the world spawn point
/spawnpoint Set the spawn point of a player
/spreadplayers Spreads entities around the map randomly
/stop The command used to stop the server
/stopsound Stop a sound
/structure Save or load structures
/summon Summons an entity
/tag Control entity tags
/teleport Teleports entities
/tellraw Displays message to players (JSON)
/testfor Number of entities matching specified criteria
/testforblock Check if a block is in a location
/testforblocks Check if the blocks in two regions match
/tickingarea List, add, remove ticking areas
/time Changes world time
/title Control screen titles
/titleraw Control screen titles (JSON)
/toggledownfall Changes the weather
/tp Same as '/teleport'
/w Same as '/tell' ,'/msg'. Displays private message
/wb Edit restricted blocks. Same as '/worldbuilder'
/weather Sets the weather
/xp Adds or removes exp from a player


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