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Minecraft Igloo - Detailed Guide

Minecraft Igloo - Detailed Guide
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If there's one thing that old and new Minecraft players have in common, it's realising how quickly you need to build a shelter. After you learn the sacred art of punching stuff and arranging blocks, you start to feel a bit safer. For those of us who prefer to explore and wander the world, you'll come across structures that are already in place. You can typically find buildings in villages that are ripe for the taking and the villagers don't seem to mind as long as you're not hostile. However, if you're exploring much further out, you may be lucky enough to find an Igloo.

If you take an excursion through the Tundra biome, you'll sooner or later come across an Igloo. Living up to their namesake, their snowy structures offer shelter from the harsh cold and whatever other dangers may be part of the surroundings. They're definitely one of the more deceptively complex structures out there, but you're also free to build one if you so choose. When you do find an Igloo, you'll need to enter in order to get an idea of the layout as well as to see if there are any occupants with whom to interact.

What are Igloos?

Igloo in Minecraft

Of all the structures in Minecraft, Igloos are among the most independent. They're solitary and can only be found in the Tundra biome built on plains, elevated ground, or even on inclines. Igloos are separated into three distinct sections: the outside, the entrance, and the basement. The outside and entrance are always built out of snow blocks, and the inside is generally cramped with not much to fill up the space. The real meat of the structure is down below, which is more expansive and reinforced with harder materials like Stone blocks. This is also where you'll usually find any residents.

Igloo Guide

When you find an Igloo, it will have one of two arrangements: single-level or dual-level. If you encounter the former, there will be very little to see save for some amenities like a Bed or a Furnace and there will be no occupants. For the latter, there will be a Trapdoor on the floor of the entrance level that will reveal a ladder surrounded by Stone.

Going down this ladder will take you to a basement where you'll find more amenities and two occupants: a Villager and a Zombie Villager. Both will be in cages and will have their own professions, but will be unable to operate until it's safe. This means that you'll need to cure the Zombie Villager before either can get to work. Curing is pretty easy as the Zombie Villager just needs a Golden Apple combined with a Potion of Weakness. There's a high chance you'll find the Apple in the Chest in the basement of the Igloo and the Potion can also be found near the Cauldron. The curing process takes about five minutes, so be prepared to wait.

Hidden basement in Igloo

Java Igloo is different from Bedrock Igloo

Depending on whether you're playing the Java or Bedrock Edition, elements of the Villager and the Zombie Villager will change. A Java Zombie will always be a Cleric, but once they're cured, they'll become unemployed. A Bedrock Zombie will be unemployed or have a random profession, but once they're cured and freed, they'll likely take up a profession related to the facilities found within the Igloo.

In the case of the Villagers, they'll also be trapped in a cage. A Java Villager will always be unemployed, but once you break the bars on their cage, they'll adopt a profession based on the facilities in the Igloo. A Bedrock Villager will have a random profession, and this will not change whether they're out of the cage or if the Zombie Villager is cured or not.

You can trade with a Zombie Villager!

If the Zombie Villager is able to offer trades after being cured, they will offer generous discounts which can be very helpful if you're trying to save money on certain services. Due to the presence of Brewing gear and Furnaces in the Igloos, the professions that the occupants will take will be either Cleric or Leatherworker. As such, they will offer Potions and Armor respectively. If they already have a profession, they will maintain the associated trades.

Whether or not there are Villagers to visit in the Igloo, you're still welcome to use the facilities and look for loot. If it only has a bed, you can use it as a Save Point and a place to recover. If it does have a basement with a Chest, you're likely to get some decent loot. Alongside the Golden Apple, there's also a chance to find a regular Apple, Wheat, Gold Nuggets, Coal, a Stone Axe, and/or Rotten Flesh. Ideally, you'll find an Emerald which you can then trade to either of the Villagers if you want.

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