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How to make lead in Minecraft

How to make lead in Minecraft
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One of the most exciting parts of playing Minecraft is the animals. In this video game, you can feed, tame and breed wolves as well as breed horses to improve your in-game experience. In Minecraft, if you want to interact with enemies, then one of the necessary items you should get is lead. The only problem with lead is that most players need help to craft this item. Read this guide to discover how to make lead in Minecraft.


Crafting lead recipe

The foremost thing you should know is that lead is a relatively inexpensive item. Crafting requires only 1 Slimeball and 4 Strings. Both resources can be obtained through battles, and below you can find a detailed guide on how you can get Slimeballs and Strings in Minecraft.

How to get strings

Strings are way more accessible than Slimeballs, and you can obtain them in 2 ways. First, you should head to an abandoned mine. In addition to valuable resources like gold and diamonds, you will find a lot of cobwebs there. You only need to destroy cobwebs using a sword to harvest strings.

The second way is more straightforward but more dangerous. You should wait until zombies spawn at night. After that, you should find spiders and kill them to get strings. But keep in mind that you will find other monsters at night, so you need to be pretty careful not to get killed.

How to get slimeballs

Fortunately, there is nothing challenging about obtaining Slimeballs. You should simply kill Fallen Slimes to get this item. Generally, this mob can't deal significant damage, so you can kill it even if you are a beginner. Unfortunately, Fallen Slimes can only be found in Swampland biomes. Therefore, you should spend a considerable amount of time finding them.



Once you know how to obtain resources for crafting this item, it's time to find the recipe. Like most items in Minecraft, Lead should be crafted using a workbench. It has a clearly defined crafting recipe that you should use to make this item. And on the screenshot below, you can see the crafting recipe.


This item is used to leash Minecraft mobs into specific areas. You can use lead on the following creatures:

  • zoglin
  • wolves
  • squid
  • striders
  • snow golems
  • sheep
  • rabbits
  • polar bears
  • pigs
  • parrots
  • ocelots
  • mules
  • mooshrooms
  • llama
  • iron golem
  • horses
  • hoglin
  • foxes
  • donkey
  • dolphins
  • cow
  • chicken
  • cats
  • bees

In conclusion, even though lead is not that popular, it's a handy item in Minecraft. The main advantage is that there is nothing challenging about crafting lead. With our guide, you can easily do it even if you are a beginner. Make sure to check our article on how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft as well!