Methods 2: Secrets and Death is the new instalment in the crime thriller visual novel series

The latest instalment is out now

Methods 2: Secrets and Death is the new instalment in the crime thriller visual novel series
  • Use an intuitive detection system to solve crimes in this life-or-death competition
  • Methods 2: Secrets and Death continues the grim, gritty and slightly silly story
  • Check it out now on the App Store and Google Play

Want to solve crimes? Want to experience a story? Then you're in luck, because Methods 2: Secrets and Death is here to offer you a grim, gritty, but just a bit silly crime thriller story to experience in the palm of your hand. This latest entry in the ongoing visual novel series is out now for iOS and Android.

Methods offers what every visual novel needs, which is a gripping story concept. In the Methods series, one hundred detectives compete against each other to solve crimes, with the winner receiving one million dollars and 'the opportunity of a lifetime'. But for the criminals involved, the stakes are just as high, with the cash reward and opportunity for parole, no matter how severe their crimes.

The game was split into an instalment for each of its chapters, with the first being released in January. With the relatively cheap asking price of $1.99 a chapter, it's quite easy to pick up the first and see if it's for you...then follow the story as they release.

Elementary, Watson
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Methods is certainly using an unusual, albeit not-unknown release strategy. Episodic releases used to be a bit of a fad a little over a decade ago, and it's not exactly a strange way to release a visual novel. Some may be put off by the cartoonish visuals, but we do think it calls back to another crime-solving visual novel game, Danganronpa (in a good way.)

You'll be able to pick up the Methods series on the App Store or Google Play depending on your preferred platform.

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