Lost Light finally gets an official launch date alongside some pre-launch events with tons of rewards

Lost Light finally gets an official launch date alongside some pre-launch events with tons of rewards
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NetEase Games’ highly anticipated survival shooter Lost Light has finally revealed its release date, and we won’t have to wait too much longer for it! With a September 1st launch date, the over 4 million beta players can finally dig into all the game’s content after participating in quite a few tests over the past few months and best all of the intense challenges the game has to offer on full display.

Having been in and out of beta testing, Lost Light has attracted a lot of attention with the previously mentioned 4 million users playing as well as taking its place within the Top 30 Free Games on Google Play multiple times.

The Grand Launch version will allow players to enjoy the full game on iOS, Android, and even PC, all of which will also be able to play with one another using the cross-platform features. From now until August 31st, if you join the Grand Launch event by simply downloading the client, you’ll have a chance to win tons of rewards such as premium membership, limited-edition outfits, avatar frames, and more!

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On top of this Grand Launch celebration, you’ll also be able to pre-register for Lost Light, which will unlock even more free stuff! These range from pre-registration skins for your character and weapons to premium membership, all totally for free if you’re one of the lucky winners.

There are three events to entice pre-registration as well, which would be inviting four friends to pre-register with you to unlock essential battlefield items, a phase-based iOS pre-order number event, and special rewards for the Top 50 players who invite the most of their friends to successfully pre-register. All of this combines into a ton of free handouts, so do your best to meet all three event requirements!

To get active in all these fun events, you can check out Lost Light at either of the links below and pre-register for it right now. In the meantime, you can also check out the official website to join the Grand Launch celebrations and try your hand at acquiring some of these free rewards!

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