Lost Light is finally launching a Closed Beta Test for iOS in the USA, Russia, and Thailand

Lost Light is finally launching a Closed Beta Test for iOS in the USA, Russia, and Thailand
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NetEase’s mobile survival shooter Lost Light, which was unveiled during last year’s NetEase Connects event, is finally entering the Closed Beta Test phase in select countries. Beginning today and running until July 4th, Lost Light’s preliminary round of beta testing on Test Flight (iOS) will be available in the United States, Russia, and Thailand.

Lost Light is set in the 1940s in a place called the Exclusion Zone. It gives players a choice between two camps – Fireflies and Marauders, each vastly differing from the other. As a Firefly, players can get instantly rich but may lose all their possessions if they die, while a Marauder is given a random loadout every time on entering the Exclusion Zone, so losing gear doesn’t hurt as much.

The gameplay is completely focused on survival, warfighting, and progression, set in an extremely immersive world. There is a tonne of NPCs in-game that provide various tasks that can be completed to receive rewards. It is through them that players will unearth the mystery of the elusive Exclusion Zone. Battles need not be fought alone. Allies are always around the corner and others can also be hired to fight for you by providing a commission. Additionally, each team will have more than 12 modifiable parts and other features to create an amazing in-game experience.

Lost Light’s beta testing has been going on for some time now on Android and PC where it’s been trending a lot and has already amassed over two million participants. The developers have been constantly working on the game since then and are finally ready to let iOS users try the game out.

If you’re interested in trying Lost Light out, it can be done by visiting the official Facebook page or filling out a form on the dedicated website.

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