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Legends of Lunia: Tips and tricks for beginners

Legends of Lunia: Tips and tricks for beginners
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Developed and published by Allm, Legends of Lunia is a real-time action RPG that has just been released on Android. In Legends of Lunia, you embark on a journey chasing a legend with heroes of the titular kingdom. If you have just downloaded it and are looking for tips and tricks that will help you choose the right heroes to win against those powerful giant bosses, you have landed on the right page. This post will cover Legends of Lunia tips and tricks for beginners.

TIP #1 - Picking up the correct heroes

There are currently 25 heroes available in Legends of Lunia, each having different abilities. There are five legends and 20 other heroes. Needless to say, Legends are way more powerful than other heroes.

You will begin with just one hero called 'Dyne', but as you progress you will unlock more to choose to form your deck. Since each hero has a different playstyle and abilities, you must carefully pick the heroes that suit your style. You can find details about the heroes by going to the characters tab and clicking on a particular hero. The detailed stats and information about the abilities will open in a separate tab.

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Tip#2 - Enhance your heroes

The stages will keep getting more difficult with stronger enemies as you progress. So, it would be best if you always keep your heroes enhanced to the maximum possible before going for a new adventure.

You can enhance your heroes by following these steps:

  • Go to the character's tab
  • Click on the hero and then on 'details' for the hero you want to enhance
  • Now click on the enhance button
  • Now select the materials (You can click on auto-select for the maximum upgrade)
  • Now click on the enhance button
  • It will now upgrade your hero

Tip#3 - Play with one hand

Legends of Lunia is in portrait mode, but it has multiple buttons - movement joystick and a few buttons to use abilities. While it is more comfortable to play using both hands, I suggest using just one thumb. The gameplay is more about dodging enemy attacks, and you can only either attack or move simultaneously. So, if you use just one thumb, it means you won't counter your own move, allowing you to easily dodge and attack - one thing at a time.

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