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We love new games, you love new games: let’s celebrate together.
Welcome to the LaunchPad.

You’ll find the latest updates, reviews and guides on every day of course, but sometimes it’s important to really focus on the hottest stories. So we’ve created a true festival of mobile gaming. Coming up in August – and every three months after – we’ll host two days devoted to new game reveals, top announcements, competitions, giveaways and scorching game trailers.

The first true celebration of mobile gaming

It’s never seemed fair to us that console and PC gamers have loud launch events throughout the year, with fireworks going off at E3, Gamescom or Rezzed. It’s about time mobile games – by far the most played type of games – had their own shindig, and we’re here to host it.

You probably saw our previous LaunchPad events. Each time now it’s been in the top 15 streams on Twitch, with over a million people tuning into each one.

We’re doing it again in August, taking over the sites in our network and our Twitch stream. So strap on your gaming goggles and get ready for a news blast!

What will I get to see?

You can expect exclusive first looks at new games for iOS and Android plus the latest updates for your favourite titles, across exclusive reveals, giveaways, feature stories and video streams. It’s two days dedicated to hot new mobile games, taking place here on your favourite mobile gaming site and on Twitch.

Bookmark this page on so that during Launchpad you can quickly find all the news and stories. We’ll fill it up with news, interviews, videos and more throughout each day, starting from 9am UK TIME each morning. Then, from 5pm-7pm UK TIME we’ll run a live video stream full of announcements, showcases, hands-on plays and developer interviews as well as some cool offers and giveaways. You’ll see that here on the site or on our Twitch channel. We’ll also have a live Discord chat group where players can discuss the games with each other, our team and developers themselves.

When should I tune in?

On Thursday 12 August and Friday 13 August the schedule looks something like this:

09:00 (UK time) - Stories start going live on the website 
17:00 (UK time) -
Live stream starts on Twitch (you can watch it here too) with hosts from the team
19:30 (UK time) - Live stream recording shared so you can rewatch at your leisure

Times are provisional and subject to change. We’re only human. The best way to ensure you don’t miss anything is to...

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That way we can keep you updated. Plus you’ll also be first to know about offers and competitions throughout the LaunchPad event. Sweet.

I make games, how do I get involved?

We want to hear about your games, and share them with the world! We have a limited number of slots during LaunchPad, but if you’ve got a new game or a significant update to an existing game, tell us about it, and we’ll feature as many as we can.

If you have a game that's in development that you'd like to announce, a recent launch or even a major update or big offer, please fill out the details on this form and we’ll be in touch. We even have a special segment specifically for showcasing indie developers! 


Any information shared here will be considered embargoed and we will NOT share this information on our channels without your permission.

There are also opportunities for publishers and developers to promote their game as a partner or sponsor. Each LaunchPad takes place across multiple sites, streams, social media and other channels as is a great chance to put your game in front of the best audience in mobile gaming. LaunchPad a brand-new way for publishers and developers to create buzz and with the support of our entire network, it’s a massive international crowd who’ll be watching.

The first LaunchPad in 2020 received over 100,000 page views on and the live stream was watched by over 17.5k concurrent users for a total of over 3 million views. It had a social media reach of some 38.5 million people and was the 11th most popular feed on Twitch. And we've only gone from strength to strength in the time since, with us due to easily crest over 10 million viewers in our next show.

Who’s doing this?

The editorial and videos are created by games journalists you know and trust from the longest-running and most respected mobile gaming site,

But LaunchPad is also backed by the Enthusiast Gaming network. Pocket Gamer has been operated by Enthusiast Gaming since 2019, and we’re proud to be part of the number one games media network in North America and the UK.

Between them, the Enthusiast Gaming sites reach over 200M gamers per month. This network includes familiar destinations such as the Escapist, Destructoid, Nintendo Enthusiast and more.

What's next?

We're planning four LaunchPad events each year, and this is our third of 2021, so expect further LaunchPad announcements about explosive mobile gaming action in November. Bookmark this page and sign up to the newsletter!