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Pocket Gamer is the #1 site for gaming on the go. Love iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch games? Us too!

With so many different apps of such varying quality across so many formats, the mobile market demands a media outlet with the knowledge, expertise and drive to guide an enthusiastic and constantly growing audience. That's where Pocket Gamer comes in!

Pocket Gamer was founded in 2006 by an experienced team of game industry professionals, back when the Apple and Google Play stores were but a dream. Initially featuring Java games, this site has grown to cover multiple formats across the mobile and handheld spectrum, including: iOS, Android, VR and many more.

Pocket Gamer Delivers

  • The best news, features, and reviews across all mobile and tablet gaming formats.
  • An opportunity for mobile gamers to see beyond just the big brands and to help find the hidden gaming gems, as well as frequent opportunities to learn about mobile gaming's past.
  • The most important and recent issues about mobile and tablet gaming discussed and debated at length.
  • Practical guides and features to educate and expand the mobile and handheld market, including dedicated gaming hubs.
  • An engaged audience via Facebook, Twitter and our 4,500-strong App Army community.
Beyond Pocket Gamer

 As part of the Steel Media network, we're perfectly placed to promote games across with wide-ranging campaigns across our sister sites including 148Apps, AppSpy and over other 30 partner sites in eight languages.

So if you want to be a part of Pocket Gamer and advertise your app with us - or discuss any other business opportunities across our network - please contact our Head of Consumer Sales, Andreea Ghiurca, at [email protected].

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Beyond Gamers

As well as serving millions of mobile and handheld players around the world, we're also at the heart of the mobile games industry. If you’re looking to promote your services to games developers and publishers, we offer a range of promotional services on our industry site, and at our market-leading Pocket Gamer Connects conferences.

To advertise to our b2b audience, become a sponsor of our international PG Connects conferences, or to discuss other business opportunities, please contact our Head of B2B Sales, Lisa Bisset, at [email protected].