Kingdoms Attack is a new mobile RPG game from Digging Games Network that is now out on Android

Kingdoms Attacks is now out for Android users

Kingdoms Attack is a new mobile RPG game from Digging Games Network that is now out on Android
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Kingdoms Attack is a brand new mobile RPG revolving around the battle of The Three Kingdoms that offers real-time gameplay. The game was developed by Digging Games Network Technology Co., Ltd., a South Asian company that has been active since 2019 and specializes in RPGs. The game is now available to play for Android users.

About the game

Kingdoms Attack is a real-time mobile RPG where players have to collect generals (heroes) to dominate The Three Kingdoms. The generals are all said to be designed in an attractive art style, and players will get to choose from more than 100 different combinations of them. The game will also have several special moves available for team leaders. Other notable features include tasks to protect goods, City War, Cross-server arena, Different dimension challenges, and various kinds of dungeons awaiting the player.

In-game rewards

Kingdoms Attack will provide players with daily rewards; players can finish a task to win VIP9, login to get 60 draws, and S grade general Zhenji for free. The game will also provide bonuses to the players to help them get off to a good start.

The developers are also happy to give in-game gifts to new players, which can be redeemed to get exclusive in-game items. Additionally, players can ask the developers for Kingdoms Attack gift codes simply by messaging them on the game's official Facebook fan page.

Final Words

Kingdoms Attack provides players with a real-time gameplay experience, along with the addition of super-powerful special moves available to the players for a more captivating experience. The ability to choose from more than 100 different generals provides the gamers with ample selection options, and the cute art style designed for the generals could be something that particularly attracts younger gamers.

Kingdoms Attack is available on Google Play for Android.

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