Eggy Party to collab with popular Chinese mascot character Little Parrot Bebe

The collab features new cosmetics, in-game items and more

Eggy Party to collab with popular Chinese mascot character Little Parrot Bebe
  • Eggy Party, the popular gameshow battle-royale game is set to partner with popular mascot Little Parrot Bebe
  • The crossover will feature exclusive cosmetics and in-game items
  • Little Parrot BeBe is a popular mascot in China, with toys, merch and more

Eggy Party, the hit Fall Guys-like from developer NetEase, is set to host a collaboration with the popular Chinese mascot character Little Parrot BeBe. The collaboration will see exclusive cosmetic items added to the game themed after the diminutive bird, who is a popular subject for toys, merchandise and online promotions in NetEase's home nation of China.

During the event, set to run from May 3rd through to May 30th, you'll be able to earn random rewards by spending in-game Shiny coins. This can net a variety of cosmetics such as the MOCA Backpack, Little Ghost Fan and Thick Eyebrow Glasses with which to decorate your character. 

There'll also be the addition of earnable emojis for participating in the Parrot Playtime event, as well as the addition of numerous in-game items to use, themed after the character.

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We don't think it's too outlandish to note that we hadn't really heard of Little Parrot BeBe before reading about this crossover, although we admit that you've likely seen this character pop up around the place. Mainly popular in China, Little Parrot BeBe has been the subject of toys, merchandise and online promos. Part of the reason they're partnering up with Eggy Party could be attributed to the unique intersection of online culture and Eggy Party's accessibility as a mobile game.

There's definitely a lot to read into here, especially in regards to how this might help bolster the game's popularity in China, already a significant market for mobile.

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