KAZooK: it's another party game for PSP

The final nail in the coffin for musical chairs?

KAZooK: it's another party game for PSP
| KAZooK

Crack open the ginger beer, hedonists: yet another new party style game has been announced for PSP.

KAZooK – like the recently-revealed WTF and HOT PXL, which we've previewed – sells itself on weirdness and wackiness. Its mini games will 'bring to life your wildest dreams, or weirdest nightmares' says the press release. How little does it know…

Anyway, we thus get the usual PSP 'weird game' staples (see also Cash Money Chaos) like killer zombies, UFOs, sumo wrestlers and lots of other supposedly odd stuff that would be odd if it wasn't turning up in a whole rash of games right now.

As for the games, in total there are some 30 games in the package including shooting, dancing, fighting and racing, and you can play as one of 16 different characters, such as a skater kid, a goth, a gangsta rapper or a beach babe.

Besides the standard mini-game-by-game single-player mode, there's a Survival mode, where you play as long as you can, and Party, which sounds to us like the other two modes, but perhaps you have to be in the mood.

There's wi-fi support too, of course; 27 of the mini-games have a two-player mode, and six can be played by handing your PSP between friends, hotseat-style. Five of the mini-games can also be shared using one UMD, always a welcome feature.

"Party games are perfect for handhelds, offering intense bursts of gaming, and as KAZooK is exclusive to PSP it makes it all the more exciting!" said Xplosiv's James Spice, no doubt while inching his way under a limbo bar whilst drinking a mojito and wearing a cowboy hat. "KAZooK fits into our strategy of bringing quality PSP titles at a mid price point."

Mid price point equals cheaper – £19.99 to be exact – which is rarely an entirely good sign. Publishers raking in less money than they otherwise could makes us suspicious, however party-spirited they claim to be.

Still, sometimes the least promising parties turn out the best. But you'll have to wait until late October to find out if KAZooK really does help you 'drive yourself crazy with excitement'. Our understanding is that sort of behaviour makes you go blind.